The 'indiscipline-blaming psychopath'

An indiscipline-blaming psychopath is generally found in offices and work places.

His persistent desires is that every subordinate must follow his orders without any questions, without exercising personal choices , thoughts and ideas, lest he accuse that subordinate of "indiscipline". 

The summary of the conduct  of an indiscipline psychopath may be spoken of like this:
Follow my order blindly, or else I accuse you of indiscipline .

The indiscipline-blaming psychopath likes to promotes the idea that 'this country is not progressing, it is such a shabby and chaotic place because the people are not in discipline'. He has absolute belief in the concept of nationalism, (as the way it is understood from the external enemy threat theory), because such a belief hinges on promotion of Militarism, and which in turn promotes the obedience of orders as the virtue of 'discipline', which of course approves in his whimsical understanding and the interpretation that hierarchical justice is what Discipline is. 

The indiscipline-blaming psychopath thinks that he is just doing his duties responsibly while the others are not doing it. And therefore he as a self-imposed burden, a "duty" to make sure that the rest of them also follow their duty by obeying his orders.  


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