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commentary on today's power failure in Northern india

नौकरी-शुदा  और  पेशेवार लोगो की हमेशा से यह कमी जानी गयी है की रोज़-मर्रा के जीवन संघर्ष में लिप्त यह वर्ग कला , साहित्य जैसे अतरिक्त-समय वाले विषयों पर शोध पूर्ण ज्ञान नहीं प्राप्त कर पाते / प्राचीन रोमन काल में ऐसे वर्ग को प्लेबियन (Plebeian)  (अर्थात "सर्व -साधारण ") नाम से पुकारा गया था, जो की दास व    गुलाम  बन्ने के लिए ही उचित माने जाते थे / उच्च पत्रिचियन (Patrician ) वर्ग (अर्थात कुल-वान ) ही सत्ता का भोग करते थे और Plebeian पर शाशन करते थे /  राजनीती की कला में सिर्फ patrician ही माहिर होते थे / Plebeian, यानी निचले तपके के लोग , आज के professional और service class  के सामान है / राजनीति से परे , अपना week-end मनाने में मशगूल / राष्ट्र के चिंतायों से परे/ विधि-विधान  राजनेति कला-विज्ञानं, लोक-प्रशाशन के विषयों से अनजान / Plebeian को विधि-विधान  अथवा क़ानून से सम्बंधित ज्ञान नहीं होता था  और वह अक्सर कर के नियम अनजाने में तोड़ बैठते थे , मगर उनको उनको नियन उलंघन की सज़ा हमेश दी जाती थी / राष्ट्रीय व सामाजिक चिंताओं से उन्हें अलग रखने  के लिए ही Gladiator का तमाशा प्र

A retake of the episodes on ship HE and HP

There is a possibility of how the two episodes, of M/V  HE  and M/V  HP , may be co-related by the office staff.  In HE, when the valves opened  by themselves   resulting in cargo shift, the office liked to view this as  not by itself , but by a mistake of ship staff.   Therefore, in this event , Event (1), I was to held responsible , in their views. But towards this trouble , in their viewpoint - 'they helped'  in the building of "Team Work", by asking of me to  adjust-amend the mistake  thus avoiding the need to formally investigate and indict me for what happened and how. This was a sort of "Team Work", as the Indians in the Industry like to call this. Comparable with this, on HP, when the vessel was found to be not having a damage stability module in its Lodicator, the mistake in my viewpoint was of Office Staff to have not notified this to me and to the Vetting Inspectors. So, now automatically, the pressure of "Team Work" was ex

समाज व उसके परोक्ष मनोवैज्ञानिक विक्रित्यों

समाज व उसके परोक्ष मनोवैज्ञानिक विक्रित्यों का इतिहास मुझे आज कल बहोत दिलचस्प विषय लगाने लग गया है / कहते है इतिहास इस लिए दोहरता है क्यों को मानव-स्वभाव कभी नहीं बदलता है / अगर मानव-मष्तिष्क की कुछ विक्रित्यां भी ज्यों-की-त्यों रह जाती है तो निश्चित है की इतिहास कभी भी नहीं बदलेगा और वह समाज कभी भी नहीं सुधरेगा / मष्तिष्क की विक्रित्यां , अथवा मनोवैज्ञानिक विकारों , पर एक सामाजिक जानकारी अति आवश्यक वस्तु बन गए है / भ्रष्टाचार का एक स्रोत , शासन के लिए बल (सत्ता) का दुरूपयोग (abuse of power ) कई जगह मनोवैज्ञानिक विकार से भी जुड़ा हुआ है / इंसान का व्यक्तित्व भी अंततः उसकी वैचारिक योग्यता का प्रतिबिंब माना जाता है / ऐसी समझ  है की अच्छे विचारों वाले व्यक्तिओं का शारीरिक व चहरे का ताप भी अधिक आकर्षित करने वाल होता है /  Emotional Intelligence जैसे विषयों में यह चर्चाएँ आम होती है / अब अच्छी फेस-क्रीम के प्रयोग से उत्पन्न भ्रम इसमें शामिल नहीं है :-P

The cultural "logical" fallacies of Indian people

It takes a big expense of Intellectualism (=search of moral values in a action/thought/et al) to differentiate between Hypocrisy and Duality. There are things which have fundamentally a dual nature. It is not a Hypocrisy if a person is changing is views/decisions in accordance with the dual nature of the concept. There are a lot of specious arguments floating in the public domain which need intellectual scrutiny to test their true position between Hypocrisy and Duality. Here is list of cultural logical fallacies among our people in the public domain; 1)  हमाम   में तो सब नंगे हैं (Humaam mein toh sab nange hain):  Spoken often in context of endorsement of Corruption and mal-practises, the speaker intends to highlight that no body demand corruption because in a strict sense,(as he observes it), everybody is corrupt and involved in mal-practises in one way or the other.      The mistake in the logic of this statement is about the Duality involved in such issues as Perfection, Moral

Implications of correcting the Social Democracy fallacy on Lokpal institution

Once the dichotomy of an uprising from citizens and from external agents is resolved, this can be used to press upon whether the Prime Minister and the President can be brought within the purview of Lokpal Bill. The one basic contention of the government is that such provisions as corruption investigations against top heads can cause de-stabilization of the government. Lokpal being another government institution, "the fear of abuse of Lokpal Institution" can find a new interpretion in the form of uprising from within, from citizenry group,  as against those fears which are from foreign elements. Presently a non-differential view of any proceeding against the PM in the form of impending threat to the state is where India differs from the US and the western nations ideology (these nations are the ones marked low on corruption), in cases of NarasimhaRao JMM bribery case, the Rajiv Gandhi Bofors case, and now the Manmohan Singh Coal Scam case as against the Bill Clinton procee

The cultural "Logical" problems of Indians

(based on a Facebook Conversation with a friend): One cultural-"logical" problems for Indians is that If everybody will become educated, and the Shudra will rise above through reservations, then who will do these menial jobs of cleaning the neighborhood ?? When the Sixth Pay Commission asks for finishing the Grade 'D' salary group, they mean to say only about raising the Basic Pay of ex- Grade 'D' employees to Grade 'C' level, not about improving the skill level of these employees. No body thinks it is worth thinking about the drainage system in India, perhaps apart from the Indus valley and Harappan systems. Mumbai has one of the dirtiest systems and places for a metropolitan city. Discovery and National geographic talk about the history and evolution of drainage in Paris and London. They have huge size underground tunnels and maintained through robots and Computer based Maintenance Systems. That means the labourers are learned enough to handle tho

The Safety and Security related arguments...a good-intentioned path of self-destruction

Safety and Security related arguments must be done with extreme care and thoughtfulness. These two words have the mathematical power of Indices of ' raise to the power zero '. 2 raise to the power zero is equal to 1, is also equal to 5 raise to the power zero, which is also equal to 1.              One can thereof claim that 2 is equal to 5, based on 'mathematical logic', an apparently correct but highly meaningless and corrupt logic. The mental problem of social democrat also comes from the issue of this meaningless logic when they put the security threat against the State, whether from citizens or from foreign agents, as one and same, thereby destroying the meaningfulness of the concept of Nation as a voluntary commitment of citizens. One ordinary day-today life example which is running in my head about what length and self-destruction the safety-arguments can reach is that of a Cook not making good chapatis. Naivete might wonder how a cook not making good chapa

Logical Fallacy of Indians on the heels of non-absoluteness of Fundamental Rights

reference the Debate happening at the Blog page of Bhagirath Baria My quest to the know the implications of the condition that Fundamental Rights are NOT absolute after I heard  our Presidentail Candidate Mr Pranab Mukherjee speaking this in TV News talk. I am of the opinion that Indian Intellect comes to a sudden halt at such juncture of Logic, and rolls back into it's old state of feudal governance by assuming that there is not path ahead of this fact. It is life walking on a mathematical graph where a point of Discontinuity has resulted into interpretations that the curve has no value further onwards. Indian philosophy overall suffers a jolt when there is failure in application of a philosophy derived from studies in pure mathematics, into the field of Sociology and Political Science. Producing hereunder  a response I have made to the debate about the path ahead when the Fundamental Rights ar