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Confidential reports - an old-time method of bringing a hierarchy supported incompetency

The method of keeping Confidential Report of an employee to evaluate his performance has long ago been changed by the management theorists. Confidential Report was found to be not to the purpose , rather a method which was re-enforcing the 'boss is always right' culture, a culture where Justice was what the boss was saying, a culture where discussions, debates, questioning, arguments were Strictly not allowed. CR, or the confidential reports, were found to be largely serving the prejudicial feelings of the boss against an apparently 'disobedient' employee.     The new method of evaluating the performances require the evaluating officer to do the on-the-spot evaluation of a incompetency/ignorance discovered , instead of keeping it pending till the end of term-period when the Evaluation has to be routinely prepared. This method ensure a settled well reached justice on the proposed case of incompetency when the witnesses and evidences are freshly available for cross-exami

the hate columns

To prepare a article which discusses the wrongs of a prevailing system, I think that the writers should mention clearly and pin-pointedly the events he has witnessed, or knows of to quite a personal level. The macro view is ,then, built using these micro-level incidents, ofcourse taking the precautions about how and where to Generalize the event. A misleading , erroneous Generalization is also loathsome. But , the complimentary (not a contradictory)truth is that- Policies which would be made are meant to affect on Generalized frames, i.e. A larger set of people without much discrimination, - not personalized or particularised frames. Hence, generalization is an act of loathsome necessity, which must be delivered with great caution.     Those articles which fail on these standards, which commit an extreme generalization , and make extreme conclusions without discussing the proposals of substitution of what it seeks to abolish, are nearly the Hate Articles.

Colregs Rule 7 - interpretation differences owing to the Indian and the European outlooks

         Talking about the difference between the Indian mentality and the Western European mentality, one difference is observable about the way the two dispose themselves to the use of technology. Infact , one highlighting case, in my opinion , is about the way an average Indian mind reads COLREGS Rule 7.   Rule 7 (c) reads: Assumption shall not be made on scanty information, especially scanty radar information.  An average Indian derives from the reading that 'Assumptions are forbidden', whereas the rule simply warns us about the wrong assumptions, how a wrong assumption may happen, and the limitations of the technology. Infact in the same Colregs Rule 7(a), there is a guidance on what to assume , when it says 'when there is a doubt that a risk exist, it shall be deemed to exist'. The expression 'deemed' is an analogous expression to saying ''make an assumption''.     Even in the cultural outlook , this difference towards assumption can

Anarchy is all about abolishing Hierarchy

"Anarchy is all about abolishing Hierarchy" . -- Shazia Illmi , Aam Aadmi Party Incompetency takes refuge behind hierarchy. Hierarchy is the organisational role which emerges by itself as an organisations develops and blossoms. People settle down in their roles and the mutual relationship develops. But what happens when new people arrive to replace the aging batch ? There is a time when each new person has to 'settle down', that is to say, to know and assume his role. Here the new batch does not have to carve the role for itself, for that was already done by his predecessor. He needs to KNOW that already carved role and assume it away on himself. There is the new issue. What happens when a person inferior competency assumes the role where a person of superior competency rests below him? That is Anarchy. Advocacy of Hierarchy is the way by which an organisation achieves another very subtle kind of peace and harmony. It is a peace of hushed-up questioning, of murmuri

"Selection in Merchant Navy" _ the present day travesty of entrance to merchant navy

I think this entire business of "Selection in Merchant Navy" is the cause which creates an illusion of achievement among young guys who have just cleared 12th or so.     Earlier, "selection" meant that the entire process of training and sponsorship will be given by the company, because you were selected by the Company. Today, due to the globalised job market situation, the Government of India has been forced to open the employment marker irregularly in the interest of the shipping companies to help them find indian seafarer abundantly.       Towards this, the training "selection" is done by the IMU whereas the Sponsorship is left to the market forces (of supply and demand). Young school students have the sense of Achievement just when they are " selected " by the IMU to take-up a studies in the maritime colleges. This is the point where the Illusion begins- of deceit, betrayal and increased risks of life of young people. the training institutes

Questions with a preconceived answer

Recently , on the facebook group, Jobships, someone posted this puzzle . here is the copy-paste of the puzzle and the responses it received. Below that is my analysis of what is the social impact of this puzzle on our collective consciousness. _____________________________________________________________________________ RT: A Japanese ship was en route in the open sea. The Japnese captain went for a shower removing his dimond ring and Rolex watch on the table. When he returned, his valuables were missing. Captain immediately called five suspected crew members and asked each one where and what he was doing for the last 15 minutes.         The Phillipino cook (in a heavy overcoat) : I was in fridge room getting meat for cooking.        The Indian Engineer (with a torch in hand) I was working on generator engine.        The Shrilankan seaman: I was on the mast correcting the flag which was upside down by mistake.        The British Radio officer: I was messaging to company that we

Assumption - art of handling the uncertainity

Assumption is one basic method of handling the uncertainty. Ideally, person should be working along the Facts. But the truth of human existence is in the limitations of having all the Facts of this world at his disposal. Indeed, we all are composed of two sub-types - Facts and the Beliefs. That is, all the knowledge a person has is constituted of Facts and the Beliefs, combined. Beliefs vary from person to person, whereas facts can only be hidden or revealed , person to person.       In all this comic-tragedy, assumption is one of our methods to proceed-on in our lives whenever the uncertainty arises. Assumptions have a nature of their own, complex enough to be spared a thought on what are they. In mathematics and other natural sciences we are often trained on how to make an Assumption in order to reach to the solution-finding of a the challenge before us. In Jurisprudence, Assumptions are a must to be prevented in order to reach the balance Judgement. In criminal justice, the tenet o

'Save Water' campaigns -- an exoneration from duty, a government created impoverishment

Save Water campaigns are reminiscent of that famous scene from movie Golmaal where Amol Palekar was caught by his would-be boss , late Uttapal Dutt, for why he was wearing short length Kurta.  Amol gives the wonderfully funny response on how his pita-ji had cultured him to wear short-length Kurta so that every 2 inches clothes saved   would help resolve the clothing crisis of so many poor countrymen of his.          Put the 'save water' campaigns to analysis. Does 'Save Water' campaigning , has the campaigned helped bring water to so many of thirsty people of our country? Any statistical data on that?  Indeed are we , those who are being asked to do the conservation by small tricks such as closing the tap while you are just brushing the teeth, having enough water, let alone any surplus water, that you should be saving them?      'Save Water' is a campaign often connected , and seen in sync, with 'save the environment' idea. The purpose of saving the

सर्व-सम्मति का फैसला -बनाम- प्रजातांत्रिक फैसला

प्रजातान्त्रिक फैसले लिए कैसे जाते हैं ? क्या योग्यताएं और क्या सीमाएं होती है किसी भी प्रजातान्त्रिक फैसले की ? क्या यह आवश्यक है की प्रजातान्त्रिक फैसले को सभी के अनुरूप , और सभी के द्वारा मान्य करवाया जाये । यदि हाँ, तब एक सर्व-सम्मति का फैसला और एक प्रजातांत्रिक फैसला में क्या अंतर है ? और यदि नहीं , तब किसी भी प्रजातान्त्रिक फैसले में जिन लोगों की सम्मति नहीं प्राप्त हुई थी , उन लोगों का प्रजातान्त्रिक फैसले पर क्या नजरिया होना चाहिए ? क्या ऐसी किसी परिस्थिति में लिए गए फैसले पर यह आरोप लगाना उचित होगा की "बंद कमरे में लिए फैसले को प्रजातान्त्रिक जामा पहनाने की कोशिश करी जा रही है " ? हाँ या फिर ना , जो भी , प्रश्न यह है की फैसले के "प्रजातान्त्रिक" होने के मानदंड क्या होना चाहिए ? क्या इतना मानदंड परिपूर्ण नहीं है की प्रक्रिया 'प्रजातान्त्रिक' थी । यानि फैसले में सभी के मतों को पूछा गया था । मत से पहले एक बहस हुयी थी , एक शास्त्रार्थ हुआ था , और फिर मत विभाजन । क्या यह क्रियाएं काफी नहीं है , मानदंड को पूरा करने के लिए ?

the vicious circle of a (paid) 'good review' --> Hit movie-->more good review as the movie becomes pecuniary success.

GOPAL :  The fate of a Friday release in Bollywood is not determined by the 'star' ratings given by critics or internet bloggers. It depends on the number of people who buy a ticket and watch the movie. If we had gone by critic ratings, Sholay and Deewar would have been flops.... Fortunately, Box Office collections and Election results are determined by the Aam Janta. Not by arm chair critics in the media!   SHYAM ; there is a catch of vicious circle in this. The Star rating acts to propel the people to buy those tickets. Hence there is a Kind of Self-fulfilling prophesy Tactics involved in this. One way of breaking this vicious circle is writing the 'true' review of the cinema while NOT ASKING people to NOT TO BUY tickets, because until they watch those cinema whose 'True' review you would write, people would not trust your review. people will be slowly induced to accept your views provided you win their trust. SAME WAY, DO NOT ask people to not to vote for