Confidential reports - an old-time method of bringing a hierarchy supported incompetency

The method of keeping Confidential Report of an employee to evaluate his performance has long ago been changed by the management theorists. Confidential Report was found to be not to the purpose , rather a method which was re-enforcing the 'boss is always right' culture, a culture where Justice was what the boss was saying, a culture where discussions, debates, questioning, arguments were Strictly not allowed. CR, or the confidential reports, were found to be largely serving the prejudicial feelings of the boss against an apparently 'disobedient' employee.
    The new method of evaluating the performances require the evaluating officer to do the on-the-spot evaluation of a incompetency/ignorance discovered , instead of keeping it pending till the end of term-period when the Evaluation has to be routinely prepared. This method ensure a settled well reached justice on the proposed case of incompetency when the witnesses and evidences are freshly available for cross-examination.
  Evaluation has to be done on the face, instead of 'confidentially' meaning behind the back of the person being evaluated. Confidentiality, in the new notion, is only of the privacy between the person being evaluated and the evaluating officer, instead of secrecy, where the 'boss' had all the privilege to write his chosen description on the report without even appraising the person of his notes.
   The parameters of evaluation have been striven to become objective, instead of keeping them those preachy, good-virtues ones.


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