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History in biotech

News script: Aishwarya and Angeline Jolie have common ancestors coz they both are blue-eyed . a few days back i was seeing one serial on the Discovery channel, which was telling about the human race, its spread from its origin place in west africa to other parts of the world. This story of migration also involves the evolution of different races of human beings, the route that the migrant early humans had taken, etc etc. DNA samples of volunteers have been taken from all over the world belonging to different races to track down the route and period of migration. Results thus obtained may add new contents to the highly disputed the Aryan Migration Theory, and also bear deep deep impact on many of the prevailing political scenarios. For example the conquest of islam, how did the religions rise and who were they earlier; much very significant light on the aryans and everything connected with them, etc. Such results will have a far deeper impact on the history-genetical understanding of va

The entrance of IIM Lucknow

Entrance of IIM L . Celebration of a philosophy, not of religion, in the temple of resurgent India.