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A Copy-Paste work from Blog of Russ Springfield Russ Springfield This is an essay I had to write after disagreeing with a chief in the Navy. After serving faithfully for 17 years I am reduced to the same level as a middle school student and made to write a 1000 word essay. The topic was given to me and I put a spin on it that made the 'powers that be' a little angry when they read it. I am sure this will not settle well with all that read it, but it is an opinion. I only put it on here because it was recently published, although only as a 'letter to the editor.' It is the first time I was published. The only downside I saw to getting published was: 1) I could not use my real name as then I would have been in trouble with the Navy; and 2) It was on the page opposite an article about cat food conspiracy. But it did get in print! THE IMPORTANCE OF RANK STRUCTURE IN THE NAVY Rank s

Self-Realisation important before making others' evaluation report

The self-realisation on what is the fact we know and what is the belief we hold is very important in making a good decision, particularly when we are on the job of making an evaluation report of another person. Self-realisation is a psychological occurance which happens when a person is able to see himself from outside his own body. he can now differ his beliefs from his facts. self-realisation is comparable to the observation standards of a navigator against those people who cannot read maps; most people see the world, the roads, the buildings and stars from inside their eyes as something pasted upward in the sky, but a navigator sees the map of the land, the position of land with respect to sea, and planet earth as a small dot in the vast universe even without ever going at higher altitude or in the outer space. Fact and Belief can exist together on the same phenomeon. Like, the Fact of 'corruption exist' , is different from the belief of 'corruption exist'. The fact

The puritans and the plebeians


Technical Objectives while working as a Pilot:

Continuation from a previous blog Technical Objectives while working as a Pilot:  This topic throws light on liberties and assistance, "the privileges", a Pilot is logically entitled to in order to conduct his duties.  The task of a Pilot begins with embarking the ship he has been tasked to bring to berth. This is the first and a biggest challenging job ahead of a Pilot. The freeboard of ship, that is, the height of ship's first continuous deck above water, is difficult to climb. The pilot ladders are piece of free suspending steps resting against a flat ship side. A good portion of weight of human body is borne by the arms of the climber. The legs need to be straightened. And a co-ordination has to be maintained between arms and legs so that one does not end up openings both his palms in the same movement. The shift of arm and leg is diagonally paired.    A Pilot is privileged to climb not more than 9 meters. Considering the number of ships he has to climb each day

What is a marine Pilotage job ?

The job of a marine pilot emerges from not much olden days of sea faring. Ships which would sail long voyages at sea would often come to suffer wreckage just when the land had been sighted and the ships in a position about to be reaching home. It is in those times that a feeling prevailed of the increased risk to ships when making a land-fall. That is how the job of marine pilotage came into existence. Even now when we look at a marine chart we can clearly notice the abundance of wreck sites but along or near the coast. The job of a pilot therefore entailed to safely navigate a ship into the harbour while the ship has arrived to the coast after a long sea voyage. Over the years, the pilotage job modified to contain up the task of main communication link between the ship crew of one linguistic set up , and the shore crew on the assisting tug boats, the moorings crew, and the VTMS, who all are of an other linguistic set-up. The pilot required the knowledge of local weather, tides, curr

Commodification is a conduct of Plebeianism

Commodification is a conduct of Plebeianism . The intellectual puritans developed the concept of money as a store of value to help the trade which was cumbersome when it was by a barter system. The Plebeians commodified the money and acquired it in large amount, leaving all the values behind, even the basic human values. The examination and marks were invented by the puritans to objectively select the wise and learned persons from the society. The Plebeians commodified the marks as the eligibility for wisdom and learning, no matter the candidate has it or not.  Marks slowly became the filters to disqualify the candidate, instead of selecting the learned wise candidates. The puritans developed the concept of nation and nation-state for peaceful co-existence of people of similar ideology. the Plebeians commodified the concept of nations to create wars between them. That is Plebeianism. When the rural mindset, an evolutionary primitive way of thinking, reaches the higher tables of thi

Internet censorship in Indic Culture

Internet Censorship is not a happy news for the people of Indic culture. Internet censrship is a tool by the governments conspiring of taking over the regime permanently. Censorship started from the times of Egyptian Pharoes with the aim of removing the previous Pharoes from his throne even in his after life( that is, in his Pyramid after his death). The new victorious Pharoe would remove, etch out,and break all the memories of the previous Pharoe to ensure establishment of his reign against the old Pharoe both in this life and the after-life.Thus, Censorship, in my thinking, has come as a culture through the middle-eastern Abrahmic faiths. India, being an open faith cultre, had Kamsutra and Shiv lingam worship in their public behaviour and therefore never practised censorship. censorship genreally arrives around either of the three topics: those of sexuality, of religion and of politics. Since the Indic culture was open about sex, the first topic for censorship becomes irrelevant. The