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About the psychological, cutural and the technological impacts of the music songs

About the psychological, cutural and the technological impacts of the music songs. Jagjit Singh's gazal CDs were the ones which would run the franchise shops called as the Planet M, the Music World , all of which are now extinct. Today, I will say that this singer's work single handed ran the buisness of these shops. Because every trip to these shops meant that the customer would not return back without buying out atleast one piece of an item, — in the least he would do a purchase of one CD having a collection of Jagjit Singh's gazals. As for us, as sailors, in Indian ports we used to buy CDs of his songs; and from China, we used to buy English Songs. Sometimes me and my friends would laugh out at how many CDs we had collected of the same set of songs, in which , just the order of the songs was little different from an other collection in a CD that we already owned. The era from mid '90s upto 2010's was that of the music albums. I remember the name of one of the e

what is a काश ?

 काश Is a God's specially gifted ability to the human beings ways of thinking Not only do we  reason in  terms of  IF x, THEN y But , because, of all the creations of God, we are the only form of species of Life  having an ability to IMAGINE, we also do a thinking in terms of WHAT...IF . With काश ,  our heart and our mind blend their thoughts  The heart gives the fodder of WHAT , it has cultivated from an imagined scenario  and then ,  the mind proceeds to think out  the probable results of it,  And then,  The heart and the mind , together, they set out  To find the proofs That those imagined results are correct

क्या अंतर है एक फ़िल्म, एक news channel, एक documentary और एक गीत सुनने में

क्या अन्तर होता है दर्शक के मन पर डलते प्रभाव में,  एक news,  एक फिल्म,  एक documentary ,  और एक गीत  के माध्यम से बात पहुंचने में न्यूज केवल घटनाक्रम की जानकारी देता है। कुछ अर्थ नहीं बताता, जैसे हमें क्या मिलने वाला है :- लाभ या हानि; सुख या दुख; तरक्की या पतन; इत्यादि फिल्म से हमें juice और गूदा (Pulp) दोनो मिलता है। बस, ये अक्सर काल्पनिक होता है, यानी हमारी जबान पर स्वाद चढ़ाने के लिए निर्माता अक्सर थोड़ा अपना भी मसाला डाल देता है Documentary को देखना ऐसे होती है जैसे कि कोई solved puzzle , वो जिसे कोई और पहले ही बूझ चुका है, और अब हमें अपना दिमाग नही चलाना है, केवल स्मृति कर लेना है ! गीत को सुनना, बात को अंदर अंतरात्मा तक पहुंचाने जैसा होता है। गीत में rythm होता है, जिससे बात हमारे मन और मस्तिष्क दोनो में पहुंचती है फिल्म देखने और documentary देखने में अंतर को समझना जरूरी है। फिल्म एक unsolved puzzle होती है, जबकि documentary एक solved puzzle होती है। जाहिर है, अधिकांशतः तो किसी भी चेतनावान व्यक्ति को फिल्म ज्यादा appeal करती है, हालांकि कभी कभी कुछ जटिल, बहुत बड़े और complex व

Memories from school years : Hindi Doha and the origins of some cockney colloquials from it

  Doha  I can remember that in our school times, one "cockney"(a juicy/ amusing in a sexually suggestive form) colloquial used for describing a fellow student about whom we would have perceptions that he is doing lots of academic hot pursuit was: " रगड़ा खा रह है "। Likewise , the variant for describing the state of a person who was facing severe pressure from his father/parents to do academic hars work , particularly in the field of mathematics was " घर वालों ने रगड़ दिया है ". I guess the origin of that colloquial term was from the above Doha. Another very cockney colloquial derived from this doha was  सूज गया है Meaning , Already done so much hard work, that the person is now a master , an expert , in that subject