Memories from school years : Hindi Doha and the origins of some cockney colloquials from it



I can remember that in our school times, one "cockney"(a juicy/ amusing in a sexually suggestive form) colloquial used for describing a fellow student about whom we would have perceptions that he is doing lots of academic hot pursuit was:

"रगड़ा खा रह है"।

Likewise , the variant for describing the state of a person who was facing severe pressure from his father/parents to do academic hars work , particularly in the field of mathematics was "घर वालों ने रगड़ दिया है".

I guess the origin of that colloquial term was from the above Doha.

Another very cockney colloquial derived from this doha was 

सूज गया है

Meaning ,

Already done so much hard work, that the person is now a master , an expert , in that subject


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