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for the support of crony capitalism

Enough of it. Brothers , only for this day , i change my stand to be on the side of corruption so as to reflect back what all good did it do to our country which can help understand why it came along , permeated so successfully in us, in our culture and taking so hard to go away. I was thinking about the plight of so many people , the small time A Rajas, Kodas, Kalmadis of India. Truth , I assume, is that we all are some kind of small or big, these great musketeers. How bad, upset and disturbed would they be by acts of these Annas and Kejiwals. They might have sat down pondering as to what wrong did they do they such people could gain so much force. What compelled them to have MMS for the job of PM, that self-defeating man, they might be cursing him. Was life not good and fair in the days of Anti-reservations and Mandal-Kamandal . How lovely was the era where every Mulayam , Mayawati and Laloo were taking birth in the politics world, and each of them not a dime different from what p

the Master-mate Versus Mate-cadet relationship

THE MASTER-MATE versus MATE-CADET RELATIONSHIP The first set of the relationship, that is, between master and mate is that of devolution of power. That is, a mate is like an official successor to the master and therefore liable to act as his official secretary to be able to take charge of his seat in the event of absence or incapacity of the master. It is on the lines of devolution of power that a mate can counter-sign, or even in-lieu signature a piece of document and then the document has to be treated as legally binding. In the study of subject called Public Administration this is how the relationship is understood. Further, a mate is less into a private assistance to the master; is seen as work colleague to master; and his commentary about the choices and decisions of a master cannot be overlooked, for they are signals of what is likely to come back to the organisation as decision or choices away in the future. On the other hand, the mate-cadet relationship is to be seen merely