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Aftermath of 3-IDIOTS

3-Idiots has been criticised basically for being another theatrical work to do a system-bashing. It has drifted too far away from real-life menifestations of system defects. Perhaps nobody ever listed what he felt was short in education system by his experiences. Here is a list of shortcomings in education style and system which i would like to greive about: 1. Education has become a substitue for farming, in India. It means: people have given-up agriculture as the basic profession for living and taken to doing other services. Then they invest these revenues into education of their children , which are equivalent of a crop, and schools being their farmlands, and the cash-crops (the children) are harvested(give good monetary returns) after they attain maturity( land into another good job-- as softy engg, docs, IAS/IPS, and so on). 2. The farmlands (the schools) have opened up in plenty and produce only the most yielding produce( that is, only what is popular in the society-- the Soft En