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What is Indian Democracy about ?

What is European and American Democracy understood as?  Abraham Lincoln had said Democracy is a government of the people , by the people , for the people. Then what is Indian Democracy about? Indian Democracy is a government of the Government servants , by the Government servants and for the Government servants .

Human psychology is the headquarters of superstitions

अक्सर मुझे ऐसा लगता है कि अंधविश्वास का विरोध करना कोई समझदारी का काम नही है। किसी भी तथाकथित अंधविश्वास का विरोध सिर्फ तभी उपयुक्त माना ज सकता है जब वह किसी के मार्ग की बाधा बनता हो, अन्यथा उस अंधविश्वास को छेड़ना कोई समझदारी नही है। ऐसा सोचने का कारण क्या है? कारण यह है कि वास्तव में अंधविश्वास या विश्वास (दोनों के मध्य की रेखा बहुत धूमिल होती है इसलिए स्पष्ट पहचान आसान नही है) का वास्तविक केंद्र आसपास बैठा कोई ब्राह्मण या फिर कि धर्म नही होता है, बल्कि खुद इंसान की बुद्धि और उसकी मनोविज्ञानी ज़रूरत ही होती है । The headquarters of the superstitions is not the Brahmin man nearby you, but you own brain and it's psychology. दुनिया भर में जहां जहां भी मानव सभ्यताएं बसी , वहां किसी ने किसी रूप में विश्वास पनपा ही है। बल्कि बारीकी से देखने पर आप पाएंगे कि बिना विश्वास के तो इंसानी सभ्यता का स्थापना ही असंभव है। और जहां विश्वास स्थापित हुआ है, फिर वहां कुछ न कुछ रीत-रिवाज़ या फिर की " रूड़ी " भी पनपते ही हैं। अंग्रेजी दर्शन में इंसानी बुद्धि में तर्क को विश्वास से

What is the confusion about Secularism

For the uninitiated Lawyers, not conversant in the social history of world, a potential source of confusion in regard to context of Secularism is that there is a usage of the word " secular " in the Art 25 (2)(a) of the Constitution, wherein the CoI empowers the state to make any regulating or restricting laws in regard to " secular activities related to the religious practises ". The second usage of the word " secular " happened after the 42nd Amendment when the preamble itself got appended with this word, and now it said that it is desired by the people of India , through the act of the Parliament, to make India a Secular Republic . The people practising in law , but those many who are not conversant with the social history of world, will tend to think from the above that the Art25  usage indicates that there was a desire right from the beginning among the makers of the CoI , the founding fathers, to " make India a Secular republic &q

Shore leave to seafarers and the port authorities

Question Need legal advice regarding shore leave - If vessel's FLAG and the port of call both have ratified MLC, what options are available if a private terminal in that port refuses shore leave ____X_____X____ Response U mean, the government of the country where you port of call is situated, Because otherwise, You contradict by saying that the Port is refusing you the shore leave... Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Port's internal security assessment must reveal to its own Country's government of its inability to conform to the Laws due to security-related issues ... And once such an assessment has become public, then the Charterers and the Owners of the vessel must charge premium freight for carrying cargo to a high-risk port !! ____X_____X____  The premium freight , so charged by the charters and the ship owners must then pass the benefit to the ship's crew in the form of allowance for high-risk port duties! DO YOU ALL AGREE? ____X_____X___

A short summary of Secularism

Secularism, as the western philosophy and the experiences grew, emerged as a * socio-cultural movement .* It is to be noted that while the West became culturally _Secular_ , it established it's own separate church in order to do so. So it must be drawn as a point by one an all, that SECULARISM does not mean Atheism, nor does it mean that Religion is superflous to the needs of the society . Secularism , as a socio-cultural movement, came as a result of the fight with the predecessor social and governance conduct , called later by the social scientist as the SACRAMENTALISM . Sacramentalism is the conduct where the Clergies controlled every aspect of life of the common man, and held powers to approve or disapprove the logic and reason as socially tenable .  This is what the people found unacceptable, and protested against, as it was lacking methodical approach. Infact , under Secularism, so much is the emphasis on the methods, that a separate Socio-religious cult started under