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Where is your convenience ?

T here are two interpretions of the word 'Convenience' in the seafaring and the Management vocabulary. Interpretion (1) is that if u see something wrong then somehow make-do during your tenure and leave quietly without disturbing the peace of others most of whom are on top of you. Interpretation (2) is to report and inform when something is faulty -the concerned people thereby protecting your convenience. If u r type (1) person, u are the more liked of the other people, and because, with you, the ships appear to keep running smoothly without apparent hiccups, until its doomsday day arrive, if at all it does, when tricks to making-do run dry. And after that, poor legislation, weak governance and corruption lighten up the path for you during doomsday day. Interpretation (2) people save their convenience , with the belief of getting the fault repaired and corrected. But are charged of 'covering their @@@@ (CYA)', and disliked for 'giving work&

About Feudalism and nature of Democracy

Feudalism in Indian Society comes in many guise which we are so habitual to see that it skips our notice.Justice Markande Katju's remark on media and it's explanation addressed the problem of feudalistic attitudes in our people. Here I attempt to identify some of the forms in which feudalism masquerades around on ships and in our management and governance. Disciplinarian is a very frequent cloak of feudal act. Provisionally,discipline procedures under various acts ensure that any occurrence of indiscipline is only when some one is adversely affected by some other's non-following of good practises. On ships, Not wearing the uniform is not indiscipline if no other person wears uniform. The procedures and protocols for the uniform, if not firmly registered with the authorities, may not cause indiscipline act. Trademark and Design registration act of national government is the place to do this job. How often do we know that?? Other common sighting is the assumption by a senio

Social Injustice..the culprit of public mental health

(1) Dichotomy of morals as obtained from religious preachings , and, (2) anarchy in social order created due to bad governance , systemic corruption, or even the changing morals with the change of governance -- these are the two most potent causes of deteriorating public mental health.  These both create a sense of injustice in the mind of common man. Neurologically , perhaps, there is a centre for ethics and justice in every normal human mind. The primary source for origin of morality and ethics in human species is the rationale '' do not do unto other what u don't want unto yourselves ''. it is from here that sense of justice evolves in humans. It is noticeable that this sense prevails exclusively in human species of all the living beings on earth.  Sense of injustice created by mutually opposing religious morals, and, anarchy from corruption cause pain to this centre of brain. Some people spend lot of time trying to settle with the 'new  justice

the State of Mental Health in India...a comment

The world has just observed the World Mental Health Day, on 10th October . Read a few of the stories and try ascertaining the community mental health in India. Depressed, suicidal flyer bites airhostess & causes panic midair UP cop calls Mayawati govt corrupt, dumped in mental asylum Rathore attacked by knife-wielding youth, Utsav Sharma Approach to community mental health can be made on the basis of following The mental health of a community is directly linked to its social development. There are five core adaptive systems that explain the effects of social adversity on mental health outcomes (Silove model). These are ‘safety’, ‘attachment’, ‘justice’, ‘identity-role’, and ‘existential-meaning’. ----from the Dawn , Pakistan.