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Feel like scribbling down something again. What are the flip sides of extreme professionalism. I think it often imposes goodness on people without having personal regard for one. Brief tenure are pre-requisite that is why. After all how long can a person play what he naturally is not.u can sit all together, walk in uniform, dine out formally, all the time.but life cannot be like that , in least for people of all age groups. That’s why disc, pubs bar, freak out points are a must for all so-called ‘professionals’. Once in a week they want to throw out, to dope, to coke, to shit, to scream, to sex…so on. Clearly ‘professionalism’ then is not meant for those with strong ‘moralistic’ growing up. I wear the sacred red thread of Hindus, the Kaleva, on my wrist too…to remind of the moral values of religion and family. Then what kind of a professional am i?? Sometimes professionals are required to travel a lot. Surely that exposes them to various attractions of life, of food, taste, smell, beau
Cultural Attiutudes aren't just putty in the hands of a benevolent leader. - Edmund Phelp, 2006 Nobel Prize Awardee in Economics

PSUs should become a trainer only

PSUs should become a trainer only Public Sector Units adapted role in the ascendant Multi-nationals environment Seen NDTV 24x7 or Aaj Tak and then Doordarshan ever?!? Flown in the Indian or Air India? Studied in or met an IITian or an IIM grad? Worked in the SCI??? What’s common in all these activities? They all set comparative standards for anything that is “government” or “sarkari”. They all perform but only one teach and train people. Mr Pronoy Roy earlier appeared in the famous ‘ The world this week’, long time ago. Today he owns the NDTV. Aaj Tak flagged from DD National. Today it’s a different entity much larger than its original promulgators. Pilots obtain training by flying the Indian and the Air India and then themselves fly off to other hi-paying companies. IITians and IIMs only come to study in these institutes and then go away abroad for work. And similarly people obtain training from the SCI and then navigate away to all other companies leaving the SCI virtuall