PSUs should become a trainer only

PSUs should become a trainer only

Public Sector Units adapted role in the ascendant Multi-nationals environment

Seen NDTV 24x7 or Aaj Tak and then Doordarshan ever?!?
Flown in the Indian or Air India?
Studied in or met an IITian or an IIM grad?

Worked in the SCI???

What’s common in all these activities?
They all set comparative standards for anything that is “government” or “sarkari”. They all perform but only one teach and train people. Mr Pronoy Roy earlier appeared in the famous ‘ The world this week’, long time ago. Today he owns the NDTV. Aaj Tak flagged from DD National. Today it’s a different entity much larger than its original promulgators.
Pilots obtain training by flying the Indian and the Air India and then themselves fly off to other hi-paying companies. IITians and IIMs only come to study in these institutes and then go away abroad for work. And similarly people obtain training from the SCI and then navigate away to all other companies leaving the SCI virtually stranded!
And that, this is the commonest fate of most of the India government ventures.
The explanation behind this characteristic of government enterprises is that they
also-intend to achieve social welfare. Then how do they solve the crisis of human resource shortfall they themselves all are faced with. I would say that with the kind of business restrictions they have imposed on self, they should re-frame their policies to act like a Training-provider only. They must continually and in very large lots induct people so as to be able to handle they shortfall that has become their fate now.
In addition, they can also consider seeking the governmental intervention for levying taxes on all business groups from abroad recruiting Indian human resource. But that might show up as a deterrent to foreign recruiters for once; in which case, the PSUs may plan to invest greater in inducting and recruiting people by reduction in their profit accounts.
Retention or Loyalty Allowance!?!? Nah, these PSUs are less likely to measure up to the liberated, elite masses expectations. Employment reservation, as it is, has made them the abode of under-skilled , provincial people. In fact, the management should even start framing it’s rules also in such a way as to ensure it’s desired and correct interpretation and implementation by people who should assumed to be coming from rural set-up. Feudalism prevails large in such places. Having born and brought up in such atmosphere these people tend to be more oppressive, ‘practical’-compliant in their work method. (May be they have never dreamt of a perfect world and so never even set forth to reach it.)


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