Vedic Sholks have wisdom to speak "diplomatically" , the glorified name for speaking lies.

interestingly, the follow up lines of "satyam bruyat" reveal the inspiration of when and where to "not to speak the truth", "priyam brutyat प्रियं ब्रूयात् .
And they expect us to accept their "satyam", whose property is that it is compromisable, accepted to be concealing  or misleading ... It is still "truth" as per them !!
Hail Indian philosophy and divinity !!
And we wonder why we are so self-centred, self-absorbed, egoistic, narcissist , almost mentally challenged --autistic -- race , while our own Makers of the Constitution undermined our societal intelligence - rather did not find us mentally and intellectually equipped, lacking the Collective Conscience -- and therefore denied to we the people, the power to enjoy the Democracy in fullness by way of depriving of those democratic power which is available in all other countries in the form of Right to Recall, Right to Reject.


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