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Documenting versus Falsification of records

The problem of recording such facts is that, if recorded , should the consequence of the action/decision is a failure then questions can be asked about why the action was taken/ action not judged properly/ what mistakes were there in the decision or the action, ab initio; etc. Take this case only: When the decision to blank (the IG Line for vapour segregation) has caused vacuuming of the cargo tank during temperature fall, question can be raised about how this decision was reached, the problems not foreseen, (and whatever i have mentioned.) In case of not recording the action, the problem remains that should any problem further break out, say due to vacuuming, then these decisions become a severe matter of investigation causing agonies to the management staff for taking actions without informing the company. The problem of non-recording can further cause problems related to inter-personal relationships in which crew’s choice of not becoming a party to such decisions is over-ridden. T