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the future of Ship Management courseware

The future ship management courses in my imaginations: My ship's old work photos show the daring works done by ship staff such as starboard anchor d-shackle lug re-affirming. The lug had pushed itself out as its tapering locking pin was lost away sometime, somewhere. Crew had to go overside at the curvature body of ship and do the hot work weld, also arranging to relieve the anchor weights off that lug. That required tough preparations. Then, there is one pic showing the seat ring of a valve burst away when the vessel was discharging at merely 8kg/ sq cm. During the teaching job which I was on some time ago, I picked that a lot of fresh un-christened sea-cadet would question during the COLREGS class as to what action should a vessel take if there is a vessel on the starboard side and a shallow patch on port side, and also a vessel coming from top. Such fanciful questions are due for any fresh entrant to sea career. Even I had posed such ones in my years. But today as a teac

corruption campaign, business and economics, and philosophy

What happens when an organization adopts a public adopted policy of ' no trust of any one'. a person either stands in violation of the policy, if he trust his policy-makers this time; or, he stands in conflict with the policy-makers if he practises the policy widely. That person is trapped in all the ways. That's what happens when u have a publicly accepted policy of tolerating corruption in civil administration. --- my economist style of thoughts. Now imagine the economist implication of 2G scam or the CWG Scam. The FDI must have been badly affected, if there were any for the Swan communications, Reliance telecom, and all those big names. The ethical competetion between the business has been revealed to be seriously affected by Raja's corruption act. That's why, may be, Tata's followed up the 2G with the PMO, leading to the public revelation of the scam. In case of CWG scam, the private parties involved with the show preparation work have been denied payment