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random thoughts: i often think that a commonly seen realist is one who doesnt have any standrads in life. he keeps fickling from one thought to another, justifying each of his jump to being real 'coz thats what hapens in this world'. such a person can easily get misguided, or get on the wrong. the judgemental sense of mind should be expected to be lesser developed in a realist. on the other hand an idealist should not be understood as somebody very much dogmatic, or strict with the temporal behaviour, living life in some heaven. he is one who knows how the idealism is difficult, and in most cases, impossible, to achive. so he learns to bridge the gap of idealism and realism. in true sense, therefore, this is being an ideal 'realist'. most commonplace 'realist' are nothing but thugs and fools, trying to mask their foolishness under 'realism'. an ideal realist , in first place ,would never disagree to doing any un-ideal or the wrong things. better, he woul

The man-woman relationship

My recent take on the subject: 1. Women, although they have ability to choice, but tend to act without choice in most cases. Anybody can make upto them with slight efforts. Men may be little more selective and promiscuous. 2. They tend to get most emotional, and almost get down to begging the man for ‘getting married’ just at the point they are getting physically intimate. This she may be doing without actual choice also, because the purpose is to save the ‘disgrace’ of getting intimate without the compliance of social restriction of ‘Marriage first’. Also, it becomes a justification for their compromise for their animal needs. 3. It is at this point that men may tend to get fooled by a woman’s emotions. 4. Social stability is as it is more of a woman’s need than men’s. 5. They want ‘it’ as much as men do. But changing partners may not be as much frequent as in men’s case. Perhaps, in each relationship, they pause to look around for social stability. Thankfully there are enough men to
Bhajji's punishment (from orkut to blogs).... here is something new to munch> 3 Test ban on Harbhajjan Singh It is fully agreed that such a ban at international level to any indian, cricket player or whatever, will reflect too bad on each of us, standing up against any kind of discrimination. So, any act which may give any indication of discrimination, including racism, should be severey dealt with even by own people against us also. The match at that high point had tension soaring high after the wrong dismissal of indian players. The frustation in india camp must have been palpable. Before this, renowned news mags like India Today, has scathingly reported of racial remark and gestures by Indian crowd on Aussie player, Andrew Symonds, who is of Aboriginal background. The photgraphs of indian people, with arms turned in to scratch own arm pits was shown, to imitate monkeys, to tease Symonds. T