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Singular Partner's past affair

Singular partner’s past affair

This sensitive issue has been broaching in my mind for quite sometime. Many of my pals use this as an excuse to get me also involved in their ‘playboy fun activities’, which just doesn’t convince me, ever, to get indulged. The issue of ‘fun’, notwithstanding all for my open views about them and with due respect to taboo-ic no-no to free love for all, a beloved's past affair is a psychological upheaval. I think there probably still exist a positive answer to handling the case of one the partners' past afair when the other is innocent.
I often think that if sociology and social psychology ever were a subject for the IIT entrance test, the JEE, then this question of handling singular partner’s past affair would have aptly judged people’s mettle. Not all people can dare to think of this situation and worse enough, try solving it in a constructive way. Self-annihilation seems to be most tempting solution. Of late I have started feeling that there still exist some good solutions to it, because life definitely has solutions of such cases. Therefore, all that the people need to do is not to get bookish and watch this world with an open mind.
To get my possible hints to the solution , I turn back to my favourite place, the movies, which deal with such topics. One of the flicks I recall is one slower one ‘Dil kya kare’ and another one, “Mrs and Mr Iyer”.

Professional prejudices

Professional prejudices

Politics is in the Indians’ blood. They snub nose at anything that they know of. Here is a set of ‘versus’ in my company, and how they are manifested:

1. Officers versus crew
e.g. : Officer log ko koi kanoon nahin hai.
Crew ko dabaa ke rakho.
2. petty officers versus officers
e.g: Jahaz ka kaam officer nahin hum log karta hai. Officer ko koi kaam nahin atta
Petty officer khud ko turram khan samjhata hai.
3. crew versus petty officers. (incidently both petty officer’s and crew are members of same grand labour union!!)
e.g. Crew sirf sone ke liya hai jahaz par. Inko koi kaam nahin.
Petty officer ko paanaa pakdna bhi nahin aata theek se.
4. Deck versus Engine. (again members of same labor union- the MUI)
e.g engine waalon ko jaisa bola waisa karma hai.
Hum engine nahin dega ko ko jahaaz kya khud dhakke se chalayega.
5. Cadet versus stewards
Tum abhi cadet hai aur cadet ki tarah raho. Naya naya chokkra kaha kaha se aa jata hai..
Jahaz ka kaam hum karta hai. Tumahara kaam hume khaana khilane ka hai. Kayede se karo.
6. ship staff versus shore staff.
e.g. Ship walon ko ship par kaam kya hota hai.
Shore wala samjhata hai ki company woh log chalata hai.
7. technical versus commercial.
e.g. Ship sahi nahin hoga toh cargo load kahan hoga.
Cargo book nahin karega toh ship kya khaali chalayega.
8. tanker ships versus bulk carriers.
e.g. Tanker ki life main bahut kaam hai. Bulk carrier mein kaam kya hota hai.
Pump chalaa ke so jao. Tanker par buss yahi hai. Bulkies ki crane aa kar dekho ek baar.
9. office versus ship.(same in nature as ship versus shore, but including ex-sailors also in the set ‘office’)
e.g. Office wale toh wahan baita kuch bhi bol deta hai. Ek baar jahaz par aa kar dekho.
Jaise hum log kabhi jahaz par kaam nahin kiya hai.! Ya dekha hi nahin hai.
10. Finance versus fleet personnel.
Finance wala humara paisa hume hi aise deta hai jaise ehsaan kar raha hai.
Woh log sochata hai ki hum unka paisa khaa jana chahata hai.
11. Master versus ‘crew’ (crew includes all officers also except Master himself)
I am the master of the ship. U do as I say. U don’t tell me what I have to do.
Then run your ship yourself only. Don’t trouble me.You are master doesn’t mean I am your slave.
12. Pilot versus Master
e.g. Captain ka kaam kya hai—harbour me harbour pilot, sea main Auto pilot.
Inki responsibility toh hoti nahin. Faltu main aa jate hai. Khatir daari alag se. Sab hume hi dekhana padata hai.
13. Master versus chief engineer.
e.g. why is the air conditioning weak in my cabin..
It’s a technical problem. I haven’t stopped it.
14. Charters versus ship owners.
e.g. We are the real owners of the ships. We tell you what to load and where and when to move.
I am the master. If I do something to your cargo in sea passage, you can’t detect it.
15. Deck versus saloon
E.g. saloon wala ka toh mazaa hai. Koi kaam nahin inko. Sirf charr logo ko khaana khilaane ka.Abhi life boat uttarne ko bolo.
Hum wahi toh karegaa na jo humaara kaam hai. Tum apna kaam dekho.
16. workshop versus ship staff.
e.g. Yeh workshop wala sab gandaa kar deta hai.
Hum log yahan sirf kaam karne aaya hai. Safaai ka kaam inka hai.
Feel like scribbling down something again. What are the flip sides of extreme professionalism. I think it often imposes goodness on people without having personal regard for one. Brief tenure are pre-requisite that is why. After all how long can a person play what he naturally is not.u can sit all together, walk in uniform, dine out formally, all the time.but life cannot be like that , in least for people of all age groups. That’s why disc, pubs bar, freak out points are a must for all so-called ‘professionals’. Once in a week they want to throw out, to dope, to coke, to shit, to scream, to sex…so on.

Clearly ‘professionalism’ then is not meant for those with strong ‘moralistic’ growing up. I wear the sacred red thread of Hindus, the Kaleva, on my wrist too…to remind of the moral values of religion and family. Then what kind of a professional am i?? Sometimes professionals are required to travel a lot. Surely that exposes them to various attractions of life, of food, taste, smell, beauty, and everything. My own present profession can be a best masterpiece. So how do I enjoy the riches of my professional life with this Kaleva on my wrist--- a vegetarian can't enjoy all sorts of food??? I am a cheat or I am an idiot. It just can’t be a third way. I guess so far I am part fity-fifty. All the IT professional go abroad, mostly to Europe and America, for on-site jobs. If they enjoy going out then they too must be the same. I know it for sure that all go to striptease, lap dance, rave parties, etc etc. both boys and girls alike. The kaleva then becomes a symbol of our hypocrisy also. For the medieval Hinduism has lots of do’s and don’t about these activities.

In my personal life, I have saved my free-thinking religion, the shamaism, by returning to the era of kamasutra and Vedas, the true sanatam way of life. U are here to live a life not to comply the socially created do's and don’t. Isn’t that what Swami Vivekanand wanted. The carnal restraints in me now remain only for the habit of them.

The summary, >> if thou desirest a true professionalism the truest pursuit of thy thoughts, then open up, enjoy life and people. Social taboos of medieval era don’t yield a professional.--the one who has sincerely set out to make a discovery
Cultural Attiutudes aren't just putty in the hands of a benevolent leader. - Edmund Phelp, 2006 Nobel Prize Awardee in Economics

PSUs should become a trainer only

PSUs should become a trainer only

Public Sector Units adapted role in the ascendant Multi-nationals environment

Seen NDTV 24x7 or Aaj Tak and then Doordarshan ever?!?
Flown in the Indian or Air India?
Studied in or met an IITian or an IIM grad?

Worked in the SCI???

What’s common in all these activities?
They all set comparative standards for anything that is “government” or “sarkari”. They all perform but only one teach and train people. Mr Pronoy Roy earlier appeared in the famous ‘ The world this week’, long time ago. Today he owns the NDTV. Aaj Tak flagged from DD National. Today it’s a different entity much larger than its original promulgators.
Pilots obtain training by flying the Indian and the Air India and then themselves fly off to other hi-paying companies. IITians and IIMs only come to study in these institutes and then go away abroad for work. And similarly people obtain training from the SCI and then navigate away to all other companies leaving the SCI virtually stranded!
And that, this is the commonest fate of most of the India government ventures.
The explanation behind this characteristic of government enterprises is that they
also-intend to achieve social welfare. Then how do they solve the crisis of human resource shortfall they themselves all are faced with. I would say that with the kind of business restrictions they have imposed on self, they should re-frame their policies to act like a Training-provider only. They must continually and in very large lots induct people so as to be able to handle they shortfall that has become their fate now.
In addition, they can also consider seeking the governmental intervention for levying taxes on all business groups from abroad recruiting Indian human resource. But that might show up as a deterrent to foreign recruiters for once; in which case, the PSUs may plan to invest greater in inducting and recruiting people by reduction in their profit accounts.
Retention or Loyalty Allowance!?!? Nah, these PSUs are less likely to measure up to the liberated, elite masses expectations. Employment reservation, as it is, has made them the abode of under-skilled , provincial people. In fact, the management should even start framing it’s rules also in such a way as to ensure it’s desired and correct interpretation and implementation by people who should assumed to be coming from rural set-up. Feudalism prevails large in such places. Having born and brought up in such atmosphere these people tend to be more oppressive, ‘practical’-compliant in their work method. (May be they have never dreamt of a perfect world and so never even set forth to reach it.)
BCCI –Back from the future:
23 April 2057( Fifty years hence)

Once there was an organization..Its name was Board for Control of Cricket in India. It was proverbially a ‘bird of gold’..the richest known Cricket Control Board in the world. Players of the stature Sachin Tendulkar played for it.
But then slowly it started decaying. Many people say that it was because some White men came and looted it away..some people of names like Greg Chappel, and John Wright. Some people said that it just couldn’t have been the cause, because dear Tendulkar was so-called ‘out of form’..he wouldn’t play good cricket.
But then the others said that it was by some clever tactics of Mr Chappel that dear Tendulkar couldn’t play then.
But….so, what stopped tendulkar and the rest from playing good cricket when, in the full view of the entire Indians, nothing was holding them back. Na. He often suffered from injuries and misjudgements. But then, the Indians still had full faith in him. And how can the Indians’ God lose out.
So what was the cause of decay of BCCI?
Probably the White men played some highly vicarious trick to make it happen without getting caught for it. They are always smart shrewd men,. They had looted this country also in the same way for some 200 years, in their past records.
Okay, so it must have been that Mr Chappel.After all, Tendulkar was the greatest Batsmen in the world. And so were others…Ganguly, Dravid and everybody.
They would lose out to the Autralians time and again, and very badly each time, because Mr Chapple was actually himself from Australia. So he must have been secretly working for his home country only.
But then why did the BCCI employ him.?
Oh that was because the BCCI was being generous by going global.
Otherwise, the Indians were winning??
No. Not that. But, because the foreigners were employing the Indians, so the Indians employed the Aussie to even out the humility.
But then as a cricket coach?! And were you winning the match before he came in.
Oh yes, India did win..went upto the semi-finals of the world cup once.
Under their native coach?
No, under Mr wright.?
What nationality was him?
Why an Australian again?
Just for the same reason,
So were the Indians winning before Mr Wright came over?
No, but then we know, our coaches, as Sandeep patil and all, were not so bad. We won the world cup once..and without any foreign coach.
Then why didn’t you win it again.?
Because it just couldn’t be your day everyday.
So, did no body win it again and again, ever?
I guess the Aussies did.
Oh, so the aussie coach was put, but not because they wanted to learn the Aussies secret of success through him.
No. who would dare teach the great Tendulkar himself!!
Oh. Tendulkar was Mr Know-all and impeccable, invincible.
No, he would get out, but once he gave them good lessons. Their biggest gun Shane Warne would get nightmares of his slugging from dear Tendulkar. So were others..Micheal Kasprovicz and all.
The Aussies were poor team before the Indians.?
No .
Get your facts right. Check out the records. Statistically the Indians were better off on person to person basis as tenudlkar was highest century maker in the world, Mr kumble was one of the highest wicket takers. But just that, we couldn’t do well as a team.
And that’s the only thing you were to learn from a foreign coach.?
You shut up…you don’t know nothing.

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