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Mistaken themes in Cinema derived from the Problem of Education System in India

Mistaken themes in cinema derived from the problem of Education System in India   In cinema , many of the works such as ' 3 Idiots ' and ' Admissions Open ' have attempted to highlight the problem of education System in India. But they all seem to have faltered at the point that they have carried the message of "Liberation FROM education" instead of "Liberation THROUGH education". The immediate aim of human struggle for freedom in the west has been that of freedom from the Kings and Feudal System. However the citizens did not completely overthrow the monarch and neither the Feudals. Instead their power was curtailed by installing a new people's institution called the Parliament. The Feudals too were not completely deprived of their power but assigned to the House of Lords, in the upper house of the Parliament. The basic power abuse which the  Feudals  have always been held guilty of is the Coercion Power- that of demanding the respect from the

A disintegrated society

Position of Science in Eastern Culture has continued to be how Science were perceived by the westerners in the early days of Industrial Revolution in England (16th Century). Science were seen as the killer of the religion and the religious values, as Science came to reveal certain phenomena of nature on the basis of reasoning which opposed the previously understood cause of them, mostly, “God’s Will”. Religious leaders suffered serious setbacks from this. And then came Charles Darwin, whose personal life, his relationship with his father, eventually lead him to rebel all out against everything, God and Religion, by proposing the ‘Theory of Evolution’. Evolution set the stage to say that life was not the gift of all bountiful, God, but a result of growth of single-cell creature into a complex life-form. Social and religious consequence of this teachings were that people stopped believing in God, and that brought the eventual downfall of Religion. People started to become free-thinkers,

Meaning of Complacency from ship manager's point of view

Meaning of Complacency from ship manager's point of view : Until a few decades before, the business of sea carriage was availing a greater autonomy to the seamen due to underdeveloped means of communications. It was a commonplace to see poorer cargo care as the Specialisation in this was not so intense. Ships, in those days, were more a creation of an artist who made them to the best of living standards- grand and luxurious accommodation, meant to elevate the pains of a longing seafarer from his family in the rigours of green seas. Cargo care was not so significant because charters had no means, such as the communication technology of today, to know the condition of cargo every day, or the very instant reporting of suffering cargo damage. Ships had poor systems for cargo handling, less of proof-tested cargo gear, and in the era of general cargo ships, most ships would strive to load any cargo which came its way, to win the bread for the ship. The laws, too, were not so stringent

Complacency and Seafarers

Perfection is a state which has never been awarded by almighty and neither been achieved by mankind. However a workable perfection, sometimes called 'Approximation', has often been achieved by man through a 'clever management'. Clever management can be described as a result of human intelligence and intellectualism. The GPS technology giving geographical positions to accuracy level in centimeters,the Law Court awarding death penalties, are a few example of what perfections can be achieved. Perfections in Ship operations management is no more a distant dream even when there cannot be a perfect ship and a perfect man. There can be a 'workable perfect' team of managers if the visions are correct. How much can the public governance be an exemption? The understanding on the matter of Perfection has a role to play in understanding what is Hypocrisy, while we accuse of our incumbent governance system and our cultural values of having Hypocrisy. Plainly speaking, Hypoc