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Sachin’s captaincy dilemma

Yesterday’s cricket match (the IPL-3 Finals) saw some interesting turnaround. The biggest was the arrival of batsman Kevin Pollard who had almost singlehanded turned the face of the match—almost. But a clever captaincy work by skipper MS Dhoni brought an unpardonable end to that spectacular work of Pollard as also save the match for Dhoni’s team. Many people have wondered as to why Tendulkar did not put Pollard on the crease before. Pollard came just at the last few moments when there was too much to be done in too less a time. What were we expecting, ? or what did tendulkar want from Pollard? – to do a magic of scoring so many in so less balls?! Well, this is one captaincy decision I would want to put to diagnosis at this hour. What could have been the strategy of Tendulkar for holding back Pollard for so long a time? Was he working on ‘Saving the best for the last’? Well, I maintain that it was not a wrong philosophy given the chronic Indian problem of seeing the departure of entire

God and Karma - on the popular opinion about them

reference the blog : Good blog, all the more for people's review it has received. But i wonder if this s a correct menifestation of the episode. I mean i feel it is a little biased work. The phone calls of Devina do not say for sure that there is another person in her life! Or that the person lives close to her house that she wants to go there, or lives near to Atul's place that she wants to escape away?! The cause for her conduct is not much known. The comments on your write up show that most people believe in god and karma. But they believe that only your karma impact your life. I often doubt that. Other's Karma also impact your life. And karma is all about you good conduct, and not about intelligent choices made in the past or to be made in future to correct a mistake of past. (like Mr Singh chose wrong person, Devina, for Atul/ Now they can dump her - a new intelligent Karma- to correct that incorrect Karma of pas