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objective people

Truth seekers are never a pro-'X' or anti-'X'. To be objective one has to judge 'X' quite impartially. You can reach to the truth only when you are objective, detached from your personal likeness or dislikeness for 'X', 'Y', ...and all the people.    Un-detached People might think of you as a confused man who is sometimes behaving pro-X and other times, anti-X. But the purpose of your objectivity appears only on the day of War. To stand by the truth, you first need to know which side is the truth. Your entire hard work, of being objective, of being detached , raises its fruit on this day when you make your call. It is like this that your instincts perform better today. Without objectivity of your conducts, your instincts are typically a subservient of your emotions.     Indeed it is these pro-X and anti-X people who are the blind followers, the perpetrators of evil. These are the ones who refuse to analyse 'X' objectively all through ,

"Save Water" campaign -- a clever way of spreading impoverishment in the state

Instead of the Government asking of people to save water, the people should ask the government to install machinery and mechanism to generate and channel more water.    Does the campaign of 'save water' inscribe in it consuming water lesser than how much should be made available average per person per day ? Then , how do we know we are consuming less or more?  Stop doing Corruption , water and all the shortfalls will be automatically filled up.  'Save water' campaign is the secret ways the Governments bring about poverty while still appearing to be pro-poor.

what's a sick humor

Humor has a way to calm your worried mind when uncertainties loom large and the way out is not known. The one big risk we should not forget when are resorting to being Humorous is that it should not become a complete substitution of the solution-finding aptitude. Humor can bring a temporary relief, the long term relief is only in striving to find the solutions of the challenge we are faced with.     Being Humorous is a habit-forming mental condition. You derive pleasure , so much and so hard that you become sickly addicted to being sarcastic , being 'always-smiling'-noticed, in place of being a solution-finder. Be happy, stay cheerful but don't forget to look for the true answer and solutions.

the communists of India

the associated political outfit of Naxalism is the banned party CPI(M). It stands for the Communist Party of India (Maoist).      It is notable that Communism in India has grown heavily around the region where Caste Feudalism has been too high. Apart front that the tribal population has been significant.   In europe, the Karl Marx Communism was a line of thought created from the rise of middle class during the Industrial Revolution. The growing labour related issues of that time seemed to give *likely* glimpse of the future, to Karl Marx, about how the world would result out some centuries later. He wrote those idea in books such as 'Das Capital' , which gave the world the concept of Communism.     Distances away, in China , a local leader's ascendancy to power through ouster of the monarchy gave to the world the Mao Zedong's idea of Communism. Mao was influenced from Marx, but his approach to achieve that end through the violent means, and contrastedwith Marx idea o

Retirement Send-offs

Retirement Send-offs are very emotional movement. Or, they should have been so unless ofcourse our attitudinal Commondification did not take-over our Emotional Intelligence to respond appropriately to a given emotion. It's is surprising that we Indians who are so much into watching that Emotionally 'masala'-rich bollywood produces , in our real lives are acutely de-sensitive of emotionally appropriate responses. Sometimes it makes me doubt if bollywood is doing to the society on the emotional front or is it working to strip our people of the sensitivity through a clever way of over-feeding dislikeness.  People give more attention to food, the dresses, to meeting the seniors and giving 'respect' to them (to score the promotion brownie points) than to feel or express the depth of the occasion. It goes like that in Shaadi, Birthdays, and all that. Parties have become our heartless attitudinal way of deriving 'pleasure', almost an addictive habit with no real

क्या तुम्हे मालूम भी है की तुम्हारी गलती क्या है?

क्या तुम्हे मालूम भी है की तुम्हारी गलती क्या है?    तुम्हारी गलती यह है की तुम नियमों को ताकत के प्रवाह के रूप में देखते हो, "आपसी सहमति" के रूप में नहीं । तुम्हे बार-बार "भारत एक प्रजातंत्र देश है " याद दिलाने का मेरा मकसद यही है की कोई भी नियम बनाने से पहले पूछ लिया करो , क्योंकि नियम बनाना तुम्हार एकाकेक अधिकार नहीं है, यह "आपसी सहमति" का सम्बन्ध है । प्रजातंत्र की मूल मंशा यही थी और यही है, चाहे तो ब्रिटिश दार्शनिक बेर्तंड रुस्सेल से लेकर अदम स्मिथ किसी को भी पढ़ लो । जब मेरे और मेरी देश की सरकार के बीच का सम्बन्ध भी 'आपसी सहमति' का ही है , तब नियम बनाने का एकाकी अधिकार तुम्हे दिया किसने ? तुम्हे कहाँ से मिला ?     असल में तुम गाँव से आये एक जमीदारी मानसिकता के आदमी हो, जिसकी समझ में यही उतरा हुआ है की नियम किसी एक के विवेकाधिकार से ही बनाते है । यही तुम्हारी सर्वप्रथम भ्रान्ति है । हम 'आपसी सहमति' से काम करते है, किसी और की मर्ज़ी से नहीं ।     हाँ, एक बार जब आपसी सहमति बन जाती है तब जब हम शरीफों जैसे काम करने लगते है। तब तुम औ

Between you and I this is what the problem is !

तुम्हारे और मेरे बीच में समस्या यह नहीं है की मैं ज्यादा ज्ञानवान बनने की कोशिश करता हूँ , समस्या यह है की तुम ज्ञान-विरोधी व्यवहार रखते हो ।     ऐसा नहीं है की "मैं कुछ ज्यादा ही जानता हूँ", बल्कि तुम ही जीवन और प्रकृति की भौतिक समझ नहीं रखते हो ।     ऐसा नहीं है की मैं कानूनची बनने की चाह रखता हूँ, ज्यादा ही नियम-कानून बतियाता हूँ; तुम ही साधारण नियम, प्रमाण की सहज जानकारी , इन सब की कम समझ रखते हो ।      गलती मेरी नहीं है , गलती तुम्हारी है की तुम कम-बुद्धि, क्षिद्र-विश्लेषण योग्यता के हो, और उसके ऊपर शिक्षा विरोधी व्यवहार भी अपना लेते हो, भले ही इसके बाद तुम चाहे जितना भी अपनी शिक्षा और योग्यता के प्रमाणों से मुझे और दुनिया को प्रभावित करने की कोशिश कर लो ।         Between you and me, the problem is not of my eruditism, it is of your anti-educationism.        It is not that 'I Know more', it is because you lack the foundation knowledge of ,most things in life and nature.          It is not because I am too much into Legality, but that you do not have unders

निबन्ध क्यों लिखे जाते हैं ?

निबन्ध क्यों लिखे जाते हैं ?   मुझे गहरा यकीन है की कम से कम 90% हम भारतीय तो यही समझते हैं की निबन्ध-लेखन का मकसद किसी परीक्षा , जैसे लोक सेवा आयोग , या 12वी के ISC Board में छात्रों की अंग्रेजी भाषा में कुशलता नापने का होता हैं |      निबन्ध और ब्लॉग लेखन में काफी अंतर होता है ।  एक वेबसाईट ( से प्राप्त इस प्रश्न का उत्तर की 'निबन्ध-लेखन का सही प्रयोजन क्या होना चाहिए' कुछ इस प्रकार है :-          अंग्रेजी भाषा में निबन्ध के लिए शब्द 'Essay ' को अधिकाँशतः लोग ये समझते है की एक प्रकार की लेखन-क्रिया को Essay कहा जाता है | मगर अंग्रेजी के शब्द Essay का मूल शब्द जो की फ्रेंच भाषा के प्रभावों से आता है , Essay-लेखन के सही प्रयोजनों की समझने में मदद-गार होगा । फ्रेंच भाषा में भी इसका मूल शब्द लेटिन भाषा से आता है जो की exigere है | इस शब्द का अर्थ होता है " जांच करना , परीक्षण करना , या सीधे शाब्दिक मूल में 'अर्थ निकलना' । "         तो इस प्रकार Essay शब्द के प्राचीन शब्द की खुदाई कर के दूंडने से

Subservience in human psychology

" Autocracy is not just nurtured on one's whims. It has deep roots in acceptance and servitude of followers. " I was having some thoughts on the same topic. Free-will is not possible to exist in every human. Humans are a typical mix of conscitious being and un-conscitious beings. Not everyone can succeed in being self-aware, self-knowledgeable, and all that. In terms of Maslov's theory 'pyramids of needs', not all can reach the highest level of 'self actualisation', that is, well risen above the basic animal needs of Food and Sex.     So, if statistically the population is largely not into the self-consciousness, they need be 'guided and Taught' (=dominated) by those who are. It is desired by the good 'self-consciousness' men that all the people be trained to work from their free-will right from the child hood, but then aspirations and realities differ. That makes human a typical subjects of dominance, domestication by their own spe

the decaying culture

I am ready for a cricket betting. I will bet that a given match is fixed, or a given spot event is fixed. I know it's a certain bet which I am almost sure to win. All that I need to do is to pass some incentives of my betting profits to be passed to the police for lawfully exposing that my bet was correct.     Maybe the police will also start becoming 'fixed' some day, if a such a bet takes us on. But in this entire loss and defeat we all will learn in our collective conscience how the decay of a society begins. How a nation can first be culturally suffocated and then militarily seiged.         India has got it wrong in its collective conscience the Social Theory , how a society evolves , what is morality, what are ethics and what role they play in the Social Theory. Social Theory is a proceeding work for the Nation-state theories. Flags and national anthems are mere symbolic representations of Nation. Maybe we will continue to give so called respect and tribute to the Tr

Chronically corrupt culture - Where should we be looking for Hypocrisy

   India has seriously become a very corrupt country. By corruption, I imply the entire long range of activities which are described in various anti-corruption laws. I strictly do not restrain it to mere bribing.     In the present day India , there are very minimalist forces existence which can inspire or force the citizenry to not to become corrupt. The force of political laws, the religious sermons, the economic conditions - are are always working so to bring citizenry to corruption. The few forces which remain to work towards a corruption-free society is the force of fantasical bollywood stories in the cinema, or , some ancient mythological tales of 'Good winning over the evil'.    As life would have it, Reality wins over the imaginary, the sum resultant of all these forces is to help make our nation a chronically corrupt, corruption going deep into our culture.    The present generation of India can be divided into three classes of men, with respect to the Cultural Corr

What is the 'Power' of a government executive?

What is the 'Power' of a government executive? Or any other executive for that matter.   Essentially the Power of government executive is his judicious decision-making in order to achieve his business obligations when a number of business obligations are in inter-play. When an executive has duty to fulfill a number of obligations of which not all can be achieved together, the judicious decisions he exercises as to which obligations to fulfill and which to skip, that action in itself emerges out as his Power. In other words, it is principally the knowledge power alone which he has. He has to maintain a knowledge of various business obligations which surround his decisions.

How the treatment of consequences of Discretion differs from treatment of Decision-making

The power of Discretion is most certainly to be differed from the duty to make judicious decisions.        Dictionary defines Discretion as 'making a judicious choice'. However, in law, whether the choice is judicious or not becomes a matter of intense debate, which enforces law and management to create distinction between Decision-making and Discretion.       Every man born has a discretion available to him. Shakespeare tells us that a man is a slave because he has so chosen to be. He can always liberate himself by taking his own life. Thus a most fundamental discretion to commit suicide exist with everyone.      Other times ,people in authority have discretion, desired and undesired, to pick people 'at random' from the lot for exercise of authority. A policeman on duty has discretion on whom to pick when a number of people are in violation of speed limit law. No judge, no person can argue with him , 'why did you pick me only for overspeeding? Why not the next g

The 'torture' of MMD through oral examinations

Examining the responses of mariners on the FB group topic “ howto load elephants cargo on merchant ships ”, a different point-of-view will help reveal to all what is the idea of Torture which is often alleged by the candidate against the MMD. Many seafarers attempted answers this real life challenge, if it were ever to happen to them on their ship, from a mindset of as though sitting in an examination. The two categories of the responses , “oh, it’s harassment to ask such questions”, and “you have to have an answer for the MMD surveyor which he should accept”, speak of what is the idea of ‘Torture’ all about. The kind of psychometric seizure from which these two type-categories responses come are the examples of what the MMD ‘tortured’ candidates start to behave like . These conducts are quite similar to how a badly traumatized person conducts himself after being burnt by hot water once in his life. The English language proverbial citation of this conduct is ‘once bitten ,twice shy

"How to load elephants on merchant ships?"

Recently a conversation broke out on this topic in the Facebook group of Jobships ( ) Here is a copy-paste work of what all conversation transpired during the above. AT (Thread starter) : somebody tell me how to load elephant in a general cargo vessel? question asked in cochin mmd The responses which this thread generated were a reflection of how the human mind becomes entrapped into its own design more specifically when its is overwhelmed by something or someone. Here is a copy-paste of some various responses which came out and what I contributed in the topic DS :hard to find mentally stable elephants in kerala......reject the cargo or signoff...... NG :surveyor who r asking for this type of question must sent in kerala forest for 6 months exp. GC : Has Capt. Das reached Cochin.... its his fav question.... AS :Tell him to ask director prabu solomon who directed a movie about elepha

Lawyer lawmaker does the trickery again

Khurshid, another UPA stalwart with basic degree in Law, does all the trickery to defend his government's brazen support to Bansal at this hour of misdeeds being caught red-handed . Khurshid's claim is that "While the government is under scanner , it doesn't mean there is no government''. He augues it further in reference to CBI's un-desired involvement into Supreme Court monitored CoalGate investigations saying that ''Govt has every right to know the truth. Our discussions with the CBI on the Report of investigations was merely the exercise of our right ''! This hair-splitting dismantling of the notion of justice is a copy-book method of destroying the Justice. In the shakespearen play ''The Merchant of Venice'' , Lady Portia does the trick to save Antonio by asking Shylock of "take only a pound of flesh, but not a drop of blood must fall''.        In philosophy, the challenges of shifting the viewpoint station

एस्परगर सिंड्रोम

       एस्परगर सिंड्रोम (Asperger Syndrome ) नाम का मनोविकार एक "स्वलीन क्ष्रेणी के विकार" की (Autism Spectrum disorder ) समूह का बौधिक विकास सम्बंधित विकार है । इस बौधिक मनोविकार के मुख्य लक्षण हैं सामाजिक सम्बन्ध अथवा बात-व्यवहार में दिक्कत होने (या की समझ का न होना की कब, कहाँ, कैसे व्यवहार करना है ); और इसके साथ-साथ कुछ सीमित किस्म के व्यवहारों का पुनरावृत प्रदर्शन अथवा सामान्य, विस्तृत अभिरुचियों की कमी ( या की बार-बार कुछ ख़ास किस्म के व्यवहार को दोहरना )।                एस्परगर सिंड्रोम (Asperger Syndrome ) को "स्वलीन(= जो अपने में ही तल्लीन होते है, बाहरी दुनिया से जुड़ सकने में बौधिक रूप से कुशल / सक्षम नहीं होते) क्ष्रेणी के विकार" से स्पष्ट रूप से भिन्न कर सकना थोडा मुश्किल होता है । जो कुछ अंतर है वह बस वजन और मात्रा का ही है की किस गंभीरता से भाषाई और संज्ञानात्मक(=cognitive ) विकास का आभाव हुआ है । एस्परगर सिंड्रोम में Cognitive डेवलपमेंट इतना अधिक बंधित नहीं होता माना जाता है । तो एक तरीके से एस्परगर सिंड्रोम में भी मरीज के अन्दर बोल-चाल की भाष

the difference between US and India in reading the heart of the law pertaining to Free Speech

reference the news: US ignores India's request against Google, Facebook     ऐसा लगता है की कांग्रेस पार्टी की यह वकील-संग-विधेयक सिबल , तिवारी और सिंघवी की तिकड़ी को स्वतंत्र अभिव्यक्ति सम्बंधित अंतर्राष्ट्रीय मानवाधिकार नियम को समझने में कुछ कम-मानसिक क्षमता की बीमारी है । यह तीनो ही स्वतंत्र अभिव्यक्ति के मानवाधिकार नियम को कुछ यूँ पढ़ते हैं कि , "नागरिक किसी के भी सम्बन्ध में कुछ भी असत्य , द्वेष पूर्ण , निंदा पूर्ण , या अपशब्द नहीं बोल सकता । इस बहार उसे स्वतंत्र अभिव्यक्ति प्राप्त है । "        जबकि अमरीकी और अन्तराष्ट्रीय नियम में स्वतंत्र अभिव्यक्ति को कुछ ऐसा समझा जाता है की, " नागरिक को कुछ भी भाव दिखलाने की पूर्ण स्वतंत्र अभिव्यक्ति प्राप्त होगी , हालाँकि नागरिक कोशिश करेगा की वह किसी के भी सम्बन्ध में अपनी यह स्वतंत्रता कुछ भी असत्य , द्वेष पूर्ण , निंदा पूर्ण , या अपशब्द बोलने के लिए नहीं करेगा "।        बुद्धि से कमज़