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Do the Indians not know how to honour their contracts?

This blog in my quest to know why there is so much disharmony wherever Indians are there as managers. The better practice of the olden times Feudalistic System in Europe was the 'Laws of Contract' which in the modern democracies became the reconciling mechanism between personal liberties of an individual and his business organizations, and even between a citizen and the governments. However the law of Contracts forbids certain kinds as the ' ab initio void' which attempt to reign in the person's natura l, human and fundamental, rights. Contracts are based on the principal of reciprocity and equality. Business Organisations and the Governments are expected to act in a manner so as not to reduce the bargaining power of the citizen or individual or any party in a contract which may further affect Equality in a Contract.  The above knowledge is expected to be held commonly by all people and thus is a part of the Common Law. In the days of Feudal sys

Signs of modern serfdom

Signs of modern serfdom :(  1.) common belief of 'Boss is always right'.  2.) "who gave you freedom to say..."  3.) "He does not respect ....", "that's not the way to say this.."  4.) "He is indisciplined". Discipline and Respect are the two most common vocabulary of Feudals. They are undefined and throw the matter into the hands of the accuser, the defender vaguely telling how he was not disrespectful or indisciplined.  5.) "Ban Facebook"- Feudals dislike people with education and knowledge; Feudals despise awareness among people for such people may throw challenge.  6) "There is freedom of speech BUT it should not hurt someone's feelings."  7) If your boss is trying to motivate you, you have a duty to get motivated.  8) I don't have time to argue out what is right...  9) Loyalty to the company means falling in line with the demands of the boss. it is not a business asset which means a trained an

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The Hindu : Arts / Magazine : Superstar of cultural theory

The Hindu : Arts / Magazine : Superstar of cultural theory

Politics and the Sense of Right and Wrong of man

God did not make anything such as Good or Bad, Right or Wrong. But he did confer Man with a sense for Right and Wrong, this with the purpose of society and community to happen with a group of Man. Harmony happens when everybody agrees to same ideas of Rights and same ideas of wrong. Dishharmony happens when Rights and Wrong start to differ within a group. It is just not due to the British taught political principle of 'Divide and Rule'. Politics attacks the sense of Rights and Wrong of Man. The primary idea of right and wrong is best described in words of Chinese Philosopher, Confucious, ' do not do unto others what u would not do unto yourself'. Thus, Man-the beast, became Man-the social animal on the basic of 'u scratch my back while I scratch yours', and 'i don't hit you while U don't hit me'. The first Rights and the first Wrongs for formation of Man's society emerged. The early days Rights and Wrongs were primarily 'fear&

Have the school books taught us correct what is Democracy?

I guess the biggest blunder in the understanding of democracy is that we (Indians) believe that power to vote is the biggest and single checkpoint to evidence the fact of Democracy in the world. 60 years on in our experience with our style of Democracy,  we are, in truth, at a point of time in history to tell the world to repairs this concept. Our system has re-arranged to do what the great Roman Empire had been doing to bring its own fall. Technically Romans were first Republic in the world. They couldn't survive because their rulers arranged Gladiator shows for them in the big Colloseum. We are fed with Cricket and Love-Cinema, and then given a choice to vote!-- is not this, truthfully, a measure of Popularity, but so made to completely miss out on Righteousness. Then, as per the rulings of Electron Commission, the winner of an election is still declared even if the total number of vote obtained by him is lesser the total 'none of the above' cast as a vote.https://www.fa

On Delhi Metro's expansion in Lucknow

Delhi metro has arrived in delhi after a very long wait by its citizens. people were cravings for an air-conditioned, summer-heat beating, quick and inexpensive public transport system for long distance travels within the city. Metro, thus, arrived as a reprieve from the misery which every one was suffering. What this did is that Metro has quickly become a culture in the city. The constant playback of recorded reminders to the people about the safety and about civilized conduct such as giving way to elders, women and physically challenged , has changed the behavior of the otherwise Ja& and Gurj$$$ land of Delhi. One can actually feel much peaceful in the lush crowd the metro carries. In contrast , the Lucknow arm of proposed Delhi Metro has not so much purpose to fill. There is summer heat as scorching in lucknow as in delhi, but the size area is not as much; neither the business growth which would require intra-city travel, nor the population; the prevailing public transport in