On Delhi Metro's expansion in Lucknow

Delhi metro has arrived in delhi after a very long wait by its citizens. people were cravings for an air-conditioned, summer-heat beating, quick and inexpensive public transport system for long distance travels within the city. Metro, thus, arrived as a reprieve from the misery which every one was suffering. What this did is that Metro has quickly become a culture in the city. The constant playback of recorded reminders to
the people about the safety and about civilized conduct such as giving way to elders, women and physically challenged , has changed the behavior of the otherwise Ja& and Gurj$$$ land of Delhi. One can actually feel much peaceful in the lush crowd the metro carries.

In contrast , the Lucknow arm of proposed Delhi Metro has not so much purpose to fill. There is summer heat as scorching in lucknow as in delhi, but the size area is not as much; neither the business growth which would require intra-city travel, nor the population; the prevailing public transport infrastructure is well able to cope with its present need- together which will imply that Metro would not be a need fulfilling system, but a luxury. It is this factor which gives jitters to me that the superfluous metro might just become a cheap and easy object for the population to play with, without any respect. I dote on the culture and tehzeeb of  lucknow and I fear that this this superfluous metro might either just destroy it or become a victim of public apathy.

However, a metro kind of service to the hinterlands of lucknow and Varanasi might just do a miracle to the public's outlook for themselves and their city.


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