Signs of modern serfdom

Signs of modern serfdom :(

 1.) common belief of 'Boss is always right'.
 2.) "who gave you freedom to say..."
 3.) "He does not respect ....", "that's not the way to say this.."
 4.) "He is indisciplined". Discipline and Respect are the two most common vocabulary of Feudals. They are undefined and throw the matter into the hands of the accuser, the defender vaguely telling how he was not disrespectful or indisciplined.
 5.) "Ban Facebook"- Feudals dislike people with education and knowledge; Feudals despise awareness among people for such people may throw challenge.
 6) "There is freedom of speech BUT it should not hurt someone's feelings."
 7) If your boss is trying to motivate you, you have a duty to get motivated.
 8) I don't have time to argue out what is right...
 9) Loyalty to the company means falling in line with the demands of the boss. it is not a business asset which means a trained and old familiar staff.
 10 a) Interpretions of Management Thoughts: "most accidents are due to human error." Feudals Interpret this as "If an accident has happened, find a man to put the blame on."
 10 b) Interpretions of Management Thoughts: "Inform the management that Complacency is in human nature." Feudals say, Warn the human of becoming complacent to resolve the problem.
 11) Feudals believe they are above criticism. Example, 'I am a Parliamentarian. I am from wise men of India. You have a duty to respect me. You better respect me.'
 12) Modern Feudals stroll on land in the of professional qualification tags, such as Captain, Doctor, Advocate, Judge, IAS, IPS.


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