Have the school books taught us correct what is Democracy?

I guess the biggest blunder in the understanding of democracy is that we (Indians) believe that power to vote is the biggest and single checkpoint to evidence the fact of Democracy in the world. 60 years on in our experience with our style of Democracy,  we are, in truth, at a point of time in history to tell the world to repairs this concept. Our system has re-arranged to do what the great Roman Empire had been doing to bring its own fall. Technically Romans were first Republic in the world. They couldn't survive because their rulers arranged Gladiator shows for them in the big Colloseum. We are fed with Cricket and Love-Cinema, and then given a choice to vote!-- is not this, truthfully, a measure of Popularity, but so made to completely miss out on Righteousness.
Then, as per the rulings of Electron Commission, the winner of an election is still declared even if the total number of vote obtained by him is lesser the total 'none of the above' cast as a vote.https://www.facebook.com/IACLKO/posts/322714557752293

U cannot say "No" to political choice to be making any impact, Political class controls all the offices-President and ministery, directly or indirectly; CAG and Election commission and the UPSC through evidently a 'goodwill link' with bureaucracy; and Judiciary is evidently a "good friend", Politicians control sports and cricket; Old Cine stars desire to be politicans or many are already; and own mouth-piece Media houses are soon being set all of political class-- Is there a doubt who is the most powerful in India?

On the day of Lokpal debate in the Rajya sabha on 29th December 2011, this was very clearly observable-- Most MP's are giving esoteric indicators to each other to work in syndicate to save the larger interest of every member of parliament. That's our Democracy.
'आज हम पॉवर में हैं, कल तुम होगे, मत दो  CBI , "डेमोक्रेसी" खत्म हो जाएगी.  ' -- said Politicians to one another on the debate of giving CBI to Lokpal. !

They both stand for democracy who fight 'Let PM be included because people are supreme and it is democracy", and those who say "PM should be exculded, because he is the supreme leader and democracy may get endangered"; "CBI be included because every rank is worth investigations, it is democracy", "CBI be excluded because elected members be get disturbed, who are the democracy". ! The fundamental u...nderstanding of Democracy was flawed in India right from the days of our forefathers, who choicely picked it from the west, where Democracy has originated. Freedom and Free-Will of every individual , over here in India, has been injected with Socialism- the undemocratic control of State over people and resources, and socialism in turn injected with the Feudalism which forms the basis of rural understanding what is public governance.

One great hitch hidden in our Constitution book is the espousing of Socialism. Religious State and Socialism are truely a very anti-thesis of Democracy, something like Hot-Ice. The better uses of Socialism until today have been adopting Reservation on caste and religion grounds; The widening gap between 'India' and 'Bharat' even as farmer suicide happen, or an agitation outside the Formula-1; and,... A Raja 'selling' 2G spectrum at low price for the 'benefit of poor'.

To those of us make an argument on how Lokpal can check reservation at the lowest level, your argument is an unwitting pointer to this fundamental flaw of the Constitution demonstrating- "Mian biwi raji, toh kya karega kaji", the basic Freedom and Free-Will ground from where pure, Liberal Democracy, sprouts. Lokpal in itself is a socialist approach to checking Corruption perhaps.


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