It's not "anarchy" as they say, it is a new order of Hierarchy

The clash of Anti-corruption against the Corrupt is becoming a clash of the Hierarchy-against- Anarchy at one of its fronts. There is a due logic on how this transforming is happening. the first observable point is that it is not Anarchy, but something of a euphemism to denote the desire to demolish the presently installed system of 'hierarchy'. Hierarchy in itself is a natural force which comes to existence on it's own in any organisation, whether the people like it or not. Indeed there is a legal-purpose hierarchy in the AAP too, no matter it claims to be a band of volunteers. Therefore the agenda of anti-corruption by AAP has the potential to demolish NOT what is Hierarchy BUT what is the *present* Hierarchy which has come into being in this climate of immense corruption.
What kind of Hierarchy does a corrupt system bring up? Look at BJP which is continuously on an inward fight for leadership. It found it's peace in Nitin Gadkari who remains a prime accused in massive corruption. This lone man was their agenda when the BJP set out to extend the presidency to any person for morn than one term, their original rules. So where did they find their leadership stability? In Nitin Gadkari ! Look at Congress which found its peace in the Dynasty-led "Gandhi" family, which is itself heavily indulged in corruption. The hierarchy of corruption damages the rise of Merit, and has allowance for rise by way of crime and monetary manipulations. It is this hierarchy which will be unsettled, not the all kinds of Hierarchy per se. But in a apparent glance, this contest have been labeled away as 'Anarchy', this to deceive the people.
Once people are deceived, this fight of the new order is labeled away as the Anarchist only to keep them fooled for a long time, perhaps for ever.


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