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BCCI –Back from the future: 23 April 2057 ( Fifty years hence ) Once there was an organization..Its name was Board for Control of Cricket in India. It was proverbially a ‘bird of gold’..the richest known Cricket Control Board in the world. Players of the stature Sachin Tendulkar played for it. But then slowly it started decaying. Many people say that it was because some White men came and looted it away..some people of names like Greg Chappel, and John Wright. Some people said that it just couldn’t have been the cause, because dear Tendulkar was so-called ‘out of form’..he wouldn’t play good cricket. But then the others said that it was by some clever tactics of Mr Chappel that dear Tendulkar couldn’t play then. But….so, what stopped tendulkar and the rest from playing good cricket when, in the full view of the entire Indians, nothing was holding them back. Na. He often suffered from injuries and misjudgements. But then, the Indians still had full faith in him. And how can the Indians