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व्यवहारिक राजनीति (Realpolitik) एक कला है

The mail inwards department: the stepping stone to clean governance

So, if Discretion is the founding stone of a corrupt society, what do you do to resolve the problem of Discretionary decision making ? ANSWER : ESTABLISH A MAIL INWARD DEPARTMENT TO ACCEPT ALL INWARD MAILS. How does a mail inwards department help in setting the stage for a corruption free governance? The problem of Discretion has a positive aspect too, which will bear the truth that Discretion is sometimes so much unavoidable in our day today functioning. Discretion has to be applied to filter a genuine complain from a scrupulous complain. But the necessity should not make it confusing to say that Discretionary Power can remain unaccounted. And that is what the Mail Inward Department does. It's job is to collect all the Inward mails, which are also likely to contain the mails of Grievances and  Complains, without any discretion of what mails to be accepted and what all can be avoided. Hence all the mails are ensured for being reached to the already established offices, Vig

The case of the corruption crusader being denied entry into the airplane

So, Arvind Kejriwal, the anti-corruption crusader , was denied an entry into the airplane right when he was on the doors of the plane --on grounds that he had come late . There is lot to enquire in this matter. Both, procedural-ly and philosophically. I will first begin with the philosophical enquiry- which is -- How does a person prevent the abuse of Human Rights violation-claim, the Human Rights Violation being alleged to actually demand special privileges .       To clarify how I have reached to this query in my mind, I would want to give some explanation.                The airlines often times delay up slightly to give time to their late-arrivals to catch on the flight because otherwise those people would be losing great money. In modern times of airticketing, the tickets are being "auctioned" which means the traveller is buying the ticket (which is actually only a

UPA's esoteric open invitation to the NDA: come join our corruption booty

Sometimes I fail to understand why is Congress party behaving so fool by protesting over BJP's duty and job of protesting the acts of the ruling UPA. Is it some open esoteric invitation to the BJP to come and join the corruption bash of UPA ? ;-P

More on Jugaad

Here is collection of different views on Jugaad, primarily, how Jugaad has been perceived by Ratan Tata and By Anand Mahindra Frugal Engineering is fine , but not Jugaad  by Anand Mahindra Jugaad innovators don't plan, they improvise  by  Navi Radjou, Jaideep Prabhu and Simone Ahuja Is Jugaad same as innovation?? Are we Indians truely Innovative http://arewelik                                                             Ratan Tata's comparison of Tata Nano with Jugaad: Anand Mahindra's views:                                                                 Jugaad Versus Innovation

Intellectualism -versus- Intelligence -versus- Wise


What does a 'Jugaad' symbolise ?

What does a Jugaad symbolize? In common public's believes, a Jugaad represents our Innovative ness, our ability to fun-fully modify, indigen-ise a piece of technology; our ability to keep doing a business despite all difficulties; our ability to pull down the high cost of an equipment. Not many people make a seminary view of what the above holy characterization of Jugaad do on the social arena. India is a country of Ulhasnagar , and Dharavi which have set a bench mark to show what the Jugaad of Indians is all about. In our belief to celebrate our Jugaad we lose the other view of the damages done by it. Jugaad is truely not an innovativeness but our spirit of survival against the odds. But the fight of survival is different from the evolution of the strongest,fittest gene. Our philosophers have suffered a big time failure to demonstrate sufficiently that Survival and Development of person or a society are two widely different path. The visions and beliefs of a survivor man and

Difference between Discretion and Decision making

Discretion and Decision-making are not the same things. To understand the difference, take the example of a Person 'A' who is planning to go to a party. He has three apparells of three colours. The choice of colour that 'A' has to make from those three apparells is the Decision-making. But his prerogative to go to a party altogether or to not to go, is his Discretion. In Discretions, he by-passes the need for a decision-making from the limited choice of the three colours apparells completely. 'A' may also exercise Discretion to be in clothes or without clothing, thereof avoiding the decision-making, although that will not be socially acceptable, unless ofcourse he is going to a nudist club party. There is always a little bit Discretion in every decision-making a person has to do. One can always exercise Discretions in such a way to avoid arriving at the cross-roads of decision-making. A police man can decide on the acceptability of your driving liscence after l

"Mathematical representation of Decision Making"!! Did you know that??

Here I give the website link of a very interesting page I have found on the Internet. It is pertinent to mention that such pages and methods are part of the MBA Curriculum I am studying in the IGNOU. This is a mathematical proving of an argument presented by it's author, wherein he argues that why Authoritative Decision-making is better than the Democratic Decision-making.  How many of us, indulging in the mere philosophical conversations of what is the best have ever found in the pure subjects, the mathematics in this case, the proof of what we are arguing for ?? That is the wonder and hallmark of the work, which is why i felt like preserving it and giving it away for the knowledge of the people who did not have any inkling. Why a Group Needs a Leader: Decision-making and Debate in Committees. by Wouter Dessein February 2007 Over here I give the screen shot of the c

Leadership style, Decision-making and the Anti-Corruption Campaign

          For all those among us who have ever wondered how the Team Anna's Anti-corruption campaign has connection the B-School Business Management lessons, here is some link I have attempted to draw between Leadership Style, Decision-making, the cultural climate in India and the Anti-Corruption Campaign.             When making their personal fight against corruption in the Indian Society, many people must have faced the enquiry of how deep is the root of corruption in our society. Indeed there is a generation born and living for over half a century now which has seen Corruption as the only right way of life. This generation of corruption-DNA Indians discards the ideals, the seminary thoughts as some fantasy ideas, and conducts out with full confidence all the mal-practises which conform to the definition of Corruption.            To this philosophical enquiry, the truth-seekers, therefore, must have stumbled on the answer that Corruption is truly a cultural problem of India. T

Group Dynamics of Volunteer's Movement ... the sowing of the seeds of corruption within

What makes the volunteers fight among themselves for the organisation ranks? Group Dynamics of a volunteer's group, such as the India Against Corruption, is an interesting case study. The group IAC has the objective of doing a fight against Corruption. The roots of corruption in our society are myriad : from the Geert Hofstede-told High Power Difference Index, to the social outlook developed over centuries and millennium by institutions such as by-birth caste systems, to the conditioned acceptance of feudal lordship. In this climate it becomes interesting to watch how the IAC will manage to steer clear of any internal corruption by taking the right managerial decisions. The challenge is to avoid those decisions which are the recognised root-causes of corruption. Corporates and Governments have a massive oppertunity to counter-claim that India cannot survive without corruption on the same grounds where the IAC will suffer failures in its internal management in sidestepping the co

Group Dynamics of a people's movement , India Against Corruption

The leadership issue in a volunteers' movement This is one debate which came up while inquiring about how assertive, if at all, an honest man can become. It was during this course that I made an attempt to image better what and how a Volunteer's Movement should work. The dynamics of a Volunteer's movement is unconventional, because everyone is free to join and free to move out. Kiran Bedi has often described the India Against Corruption as Volunteer's movement. But the bogged up minds which we all become by a quirk of Nature, we make mistake if we attempt to treat such a movement with how our regular Political Parties function. Indeed, the mere exploration in the dynamics of a volunteer's movement will be a great lesson on how a Democratic Society should function with enormous freedom to everyone, while still not missing out the correct direction, the common goal, that every one in the group has. The disagreements result into the emergence of what should be the

People's movement..India Against Corruption

India is a land of saints. It is a land of civilization, a land of enormous spirituality, a land of many religions. But what makes us, and the whole world, look at this aspect of India in an indifferent manner is the social paradigm which encircles India all the while-- the social issues : such a female foeticide, dowry, caste discrimination;   the social-political issues such a the systemic corruption; and the Public Governance issues : the Banyan Democracy, the Anarchial Democracy, the victory of the dishonest. While Indians have often flipped out some pride from the fact that Indians have never attacked any country while itself has suffered attack from the Ghazani,s the Greeks, the British, the french, the Portuguese, if it were not the post World War II era, maybe, we might have been living in immense shame for the generational insult we have had. Nevertheless, time has taken a turn to over vantage while the onus shifts to we the people to take steps to correct up and restart whe