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Controversies-- why are we scared of them?

Not to endorse the Rakhi Sawant work, but i still see many of our people scared of taking bold acttions only because it might bring them to public glare, which they deem to be 'unwanted' . Earlier, in my child hood days, coming (appearing) of Doordarshan was a big public achievement for people. But, in the days post the media-revolution, people have started becoming scared ..well, some of them. While the rest have taken roads to celebrity-hood. What's immature in our social outlook towards media-attention, our in-depth understanding of the power of media as the fourth estate(the fourth pillar) of Democracy???
In ruralistic outlook, whose denizens replete our armed and police forces, the lacking knowledge of media-mangement as a celebrity maker and the cornor-stone of democracy leads to all sorts of internal game-bit to happen.
We Indians have always been criticised for our crab-mentality, or the leg-pulling activities where ourselves scathe the progress and advances of our fellow workers. Neighbour's Envy is the trademark of India's social framework.
I have seen many of the middle grade servicemen and professionals shunnning from a bold and moralistic action only for the fear of not falling into public glare. Not only that, people have shown poor acceptance of those people who have dared to face the public glare, alleging them of practising one-upmanship, or 'scoring over his rivals' (apne number badda raha hai-- as the western UP-ites like to say it).
We must not forget that many times the interest and pursual of certain subject begins only after someone has brotched a controversy around it. The glamour and money begins to spin around things which have espoused controversies. This , not to mean the unreasonble and ill-logical attention-calling.
I would hold that controversies are again a test of one's courage and belief in himself, if managed intelligently.
Characteristics of reasoning minds:

It is my general observation that people who are very reasoning are:

1. Very sleazy in their thoughts.

They don't like to get chained by any imposed class of thoughts, not the least the social taboos. Therefore, they are endless, thinking the unthinkable.

2. Consumers of some addictiv product like cigerrettes, or tobacco, etc.

Their minds are running like jet planes all the times. Hence they stomach needs it's fuel continuously to keep the acid level low.

3. Very argumemtative and hence more disliked by others.

Being reasoning, have opinions on most matters. therefore, have a tendency to break the previously held beliefs, thus making a huge league of those who dislike them.


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