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My thoughts on the Discretionary Powers conferred on shipmasters by SOLAS

Reference the link/post below : Hello Sir . So, a nice self-examining post. The risk assessment for a new, upcoming event, huh? Anyways, to help matters, let me just cross it a little bit, and that would also make the exercise a little more interesting,:- It seems to me that the theories on Security systems and policing are based on the lines that an innocent man has nothing to fear and therefore nothing to hide.Infact it is as much possible and easy, a child's play, to create scenarios whereby not having an open system AIS-system could also be shown to be leading to incidents.Yes, anyone can do that. But as i say the premise of secuirty and therefore the allied businesses in today's world is coming from the point - nothing-to-fear-and-hide, and thus the transperency demand; opacity is being dispensed away with, unless it can be sufficiently proven that opacity is severly needed to help the matters