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Building a consensus

What would you call a broad national consensus? To keep their immoral acts protected under wraps, it is on this day, the 20th of august, did the government through the PM spoke of such a term. I wonder it is righteousness call or another attempt to save some disaster from themselves. I never heard them speak that when they made so many other legislation. Nevermind. Question hangs out-- what would it be anyway-- the broad national consensus ?? In a democracy , consensus are hardest to achieve. We know it.! Plainly, then, this attempt to achieve consensus is their way of saving some big disaster from happening. But in itself it proves one thing for sure, that the government keeps it own standards of 'strong' which are different from what the intellectual people think 'strong' should truely be. Nevertheless, consensus are usually build-able on objective statements alone. for example, sun rises everyday within latitudes 70 deg N and S.  There needs a lot of q

शास्त्रार्थ = Dialectic reasoning, not Debate

शास्त्रार्थ = Dialectic reasoning, not Debate The above as interpreted by self from a reading in Wikipedia. on Dialectics. India is the founding place for this art whereby people attempt to discover truth  of a subject matter. The following taken from Wikipedia on topic : Dialectic Indian continental debate: an intra- and inter-Dharmic dialectic Anacker (2005: p. 20), in the introduction to his translation of seven works by Vasubandhu ( fl. 4th c.), a famed dialectician of the Gupta Empire , contextualizes the prestige of dialectic and cut-throat debate in classical India and makes references to the possibly apocryphal story of the banishment of Moheyan post-debate with Kamalaśīla (fl. 713-763): Philosophical debating was in classical India often a spectator-sport, much as contests of poetry-improvisation were in Germany in its High Middle Ages, and as they still are in the Telegu country today. The king himself was often the judge at these debates, and loss to

Is this just about the news !!

Read the news extracts below and judge for yourself if this is just a news ? The commentator talks of black money distribution in India, according to its caste-wise distribution ! H eading of the news is  "Terror alert for metro cities".   It is entertaining to see what people (of India) like to discuss in this kind of news article. In the above article, are the commentators a normal civilian? The heading of the article is " Fighter jet crashes in China Air show ". Read the comments and judge for yourself if they are some defense experts, or the military intelligence people, who are almost making a war-- a media-military-ideology war. the amount of knowledge they possess beholds me !

Why I am averse to the city of Varanasi

Why I am averse to the city of Varanasi Recently I sailed with a person who was from Jaunpur,Bhojpuri by his language,a Brahmin by caste but a complete sailor by his behavior.   No, it was not him who made me averse to the cultural attitude of the city of Varanasi, rather he helped me discover why we both had our aversions for the city and its culture, “ Apne taraf aise hota toh …” (“ If this had happened in our countryside, then ... “) I shared a lot of common observations about ‘ Apni taraf ’ (‘ In our region ..’), our common cultural attitude. He was not so high educated , but in my thinking , had enough sensible mind to observe an event impartially, to make an unbiased comparison. He had managed to liberate himself from the grip of common beliefs by asking ‘Why’.   Yet, in all these ‘why’ he has not lost the balance of his mind, but kept himself working to search the answer by himself alone. In some previous blogs I have discussed about the low IQ rating accorded to the Indians.