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Pervert justice and the Brahmanism

The precise behaviour which has been depicted by the term Brahmanism is its hypocrite social conduct, the crooked thinking, the pervert justices it has rolled out on the people who otherwise treated them with utmost respect. It is the victims of the Brahmanism who are today grouped as the Reserved SC/ST/OBC class.     It takes no rocket science to observe that the BJP is a sub-organization of a parent organization which is typically Brahman loaded, is therefore anti-reservationist, and continues to apply crooked thinking, pervert justices , hypocrite social conduct in almost all its actions.

Public Services is not to be confused with doing philanthropy.

There is a difference between rendering public services and doing a religious philanthropy. An able administrator is not the one who goes around helping persons from one poor man to another. (Although, he may be a good philanthropist, a devout religionist, a grand hearted donor, a zakat doer.) An able administrator is one who creates the right policies which work to eradicate the problem of poverty. The hard process involved in the challenges of creating a right and functional Policy is that person should be able to extract in a judicial viewpoint format the lessons learnt from what are truly known to be a bad policy. Creating a right policy is a Heuristic work. That is, we reach to it by Trial and Error method. As always, the inherent limitations of the Trial-and-error method is that unless a student of public administration learns to observe the lacunae of past policies in a judicial extract, unless he draws the lessons learnt from his past mistakes in a judicial form, he can mak

a commentary on tbe socio-psychological impacts of the B garde movies

The ugly aspect of the B Grade Movies, Southern India made,or even those rural language movies is that those movies "spread the awareness" in the patrons of their class about the entire machinery that the police, the investigation and the judiciary can, and perhaps very regularly, collude to sustain the wrong. The wrong has become a social norm in these societies, possibly due to the social awareness tendered by such products of arts,which make a wide public reach and impacts.     Therefore we see in the Karnataka IAS, #DKRavi murder issue, the entire crowd of the possible suspects walk into the crime scene and tamper the evidence such as finger print even before they could be collected. This was a typical scene from a B Grade Movie. True to it spirit, the police never followed-up the matter of tampered evidence , much to affirm the chapters of b Grade violence action movie, where all the state institutions are so regularly shown to be in collusion. Indeed, so much of ground