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Jugaad mentality and the event of ship HP

Reference the blog wherein I have described the event on board ship HE , this is yet another retake in light of the conference room talks between office staff (the Indian gang) and myself at our Singapore office on 16th of May, 2011, just on the day when I was flown to UK to join the ship, HPrn. 
   Conference talk also came around discussing about Jugaad as our (the Indians) prime technique of accomplishing our tasks. I remember very clearly the Gang discussing about it, and the Gang Leader, Mr S G, trying to impress upon me what his outlook towards Jugaad was. By all regards, it was 'ok' for most Indian people, as our culture is about Jugaad, but not for me. My first introduction to this quirky habit of Indians was through one Capt Salil Gupta in the Ship Construction classes during second mates at the ARI (new delhi), in the year 2000. By jove, one very intelligent and impressive rare people I had met in the merchant navy. He talked about it accurately from it's Jugaad accident newspaper report, to how the Indian mind was not so much conversant with the safety concept. Jugaad, the word,  first came to light when this country-manufactured vehicle had hit an accident at the railways level-crossing likely because of the technical failure at the wrong time, resulting a numerous loss of life who were travelling on the vehicle. Unable to report the accident properly in the absence of proper name for this vehicle, the local police reported of it using the word which the common people used for it, the Jugaad. Capt Salil Gupta plainly reported to us all this, further saying that since we (the Indian cultural beliefs) are not much aware of the mathematical process of calculating, testing the designs, the loss of life due to such accidents was assigned to 'acts of fate', and safety was not imaginable to be achieved through good learning in mathematics and mechanics. He needed this knowledge to inspire us to think of shortfalls which would come around during different stages of ship construction.
           Well, this had developed my first impression of what is a Jugaad. But most Indians have generally taken a liking for their Jugaad skills. When the Indian gang leader, Mr S G , was addressing to me about Jugaad, I think i failed to take cognizance of the view that the Gang, then , would not evaluate me on academic skills, communication skills, or those acquired through higher learning. the disposition of the gang was evaluate me on my Jugaad skills.
   As is the case with most of the devious things of life, once you have tasted a success through them, you become addicted to them. Our Indian Gang is addicted to working through the Jugaad skills, no matter how much devious and unsafe it may be. They now rate people on their ability to successfully accomplish the Jugaad task. In my straight opinion, this is the cause for all the sub-standard and down gradation of the ships in my parent company, the SCI . Once a company adopts Jugaad as its chief skill, even if secretly, they are destined to be doomed sooner or later. All devious things have a self-sustaining logic for more of them to happen, and then there is no stopping until the complete annihilation happens.
 Jugaad skill serves in more than one ways. It helps the office gang to live peacefully and happily without worrying much for the ship maintenance tasks, because the ship staff is expected to work it's Jugaad skills when there is a maintenance , or preventive-measure's  failure. The failure of the office gang to have acted in time, will now be transformed into a "competency test" for the ship staff in for the form of 'Jugaad skill practicals'. Thus, this method of transforming the failure of the Boss into the test-time for the subordinate will confirm to the larger belief of the Indians, that the "Boss is always right". His failure is your skill-and-competency test for your Jugaad skills. Indians think that it is now that the team work comes into action when the boss is heavily dependent on his subordinate to prove to the world that he is truly right.

Origin of the word "Jugaad"

Jugaad, recorded as " जुगाड़ " , in the native variant of Hindi around the regions of Western UP and in the Haryanavi dialect , from the proper Hindi word  Jugat , " जुगत". Jugat, in turn , in an improper word for it's parent Sanskrit word Yuktयुक्त . 
Yukt has two meanings in its original Sanskrit form . It means a carefully planned, schemed, arrangement to achieve an objective. Towards this meaning, the usages are like,  "कुछ युक्ति लगानी होगी /  " (meaning, we will have to apply some brain, some scheme to achieve this objective). In this context , the most common of the scheme that would be adopted would be the team-work, the co-operation of everyone's body and mind to resolve the crisis situation. 
     The other meaning of Yukt comes in the form of a suffix, wherein it mean "laden of", or, "involved with". Like in the case, " यह दोष -युक्त वस्तु है / " (this object is filled with faults ). 
  Yukt is an adjective form for the word, Yog, which in turn, has two meanings. Yog means "a sum-total of ", and the other implying the breathing exercise which originated from India, the Yoga. 
    Yog , alternately means, "an arrangement, a configuration. ". Yog is also a source word for Yogna which is "Planning, or, scheming" .
            In short, as the word Yogi transformed into Jogi, the same way, Yukt transformed into Jugat, and thence to Jugad

टीम अन्ना के राजनीति में आने में लोगो को दिक्कत

टीम अन्ना के विघटन के बाद राजनीति में आने में कई लोगो को दिक्कत है / मगर राजनीति में आने में ऐसी क्या दिक्कत हो सकती है ? तमाम वजहों में एक वजह यह है की राजनीति शब्द की सामाजिक छवि ही गन्दी है / साधारणतः "राजनीति" शब्द को एक पाठशाला का विषय  के रूप में समझा जाना चाहिए , जिसमें लोक-प्रशाशन से सम्बंधित नीतियों का निर्माण होता है/ आधुनिक , 'प्रजा-तांत्रिक' लोक-नीतियों में यह एक बहोत ही जटिल विषय होता जिसमे की बहुत उच्च बौधिक क्षमता के व्यक्तियों को आना चाहिए था/ मगर शाशन और सत्ता से मुग्धा 'ज़मींदारी' मानसिकता के 'दबंग ' और 'बाहुबली" लोगों ने इस क्षेत्र में कब्ज़ा कर लिया है / नतीजतन,  इसलिए अब आम-जनता की समझ में "राजनीती'  का मतलब "यथार्त राजनीति" (Realpolitik ) (अर्थात " तुरंत-लाभ व आत्म-लोभ की युक्ति " )होता है / "यथार्त राजनीति " में कोई भी मूल्यों व आदर्शों का पालन नहीं किया जाता / इसमें मकसद केवल सत्ता प्राप्त करने का होता है , 'प्रजातंत्र" को  "ज़मींदारी (सामंत वादी ) शाषन प्रडाली " से भ्रमित करते हुए / आम जनता की समझ अब राजनीति और "यथार्थ की राजनीति" में भ्रमित हो चुकी है , शायद इसलिए राजनेति में आचे लोगो का आना उच्चित नहीं माना जाता / या यों कहें की , अगर राजनीति में 'टीम अन्ना' नें आने की मंशा जताई है तोह शायद अन्ना के लोग भी गंदे लोग थे जो राजनीति में आने के लिए ही इस "इमानदारी " के "भ्रस्टाचार-विरोधी" आन्दोलन का डोंग कर रहे थे / 
   लोग क्यों टीम अन्ना को राजनीति में उतरते नहीं देखना चाहते, इसकी दूसरी वजह यह भी हो सकती है की  राजनीति में आने का अभिप्राय होता है "जल में घुस कर मगरमछ से भिडंत करना" / यहाँ अच्छे लोगों की हार तय होती है , क्यों की "अच्छे लागों" से अभिप्राय ही यह होता है की यह व्यक्ति-वर्ग नियम व आदर्शो का पालन करेगा, राजनीति (असल में "यथार्त की राजनीति" ) में सब कुछ जायज़ माना जाता है, प्रेम और युद्ध में सभी-जायज़ से भी ज्यादा / यानी, एक प्रतिद्वंदी जहाँ नियम से लड़ाई करेगा, दूसरा बिना नियम के हमला कर सकता है / अगर पहले ने कोई नियम तोडा तोह उसकी सामाजिक छवि को धक्का लगेगा की यह "अच्छा व्यक्ति" तो पहले से ही ऐसा "नियम-तोड्दु" था, और "अच्छा" होने का केवल डोंग कर रहा था / दरअसल भ्रस्टाचार के राक्षस की यह प्रकृति है की वह हमेशा अच्छे लोगों को चुनौती देता है, और जब अच्छे लोग उसकी चुनौती स्वीकार कर बैठते है तब वह नियम-विहीन राक्षस उनको जान से ख़तम कर देता है, या उनको नियम का उल्लघन पर मजबूर कर उनकी "नैतिकता के मनोबल' को ख़तम कर देता है / धन, धर्म, और जाती के आधार पर करी  जाने वाली आधुनिक "यथार्त की राजनीति "में किसी भी आदर्श-वान व्यक्ति की जीत आसान नहीं है / पहले तो प्रजातान्त्रिक राष्ट्र में "व्यक्तव्यों की स्वतंत्रता " से बुने भीषण भ्रम और मायाजाल में खुद को आदर्श-वान व्यक्ति होने की आम-राय बनाना भी एक चुनौती है / 

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