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Scams of India

these are the days of unearthing of scams. big ones, which deal on lakhs-of-caror of rupees. The recent ones being the 2G scam. more recent but not-yet-investigated scam is that of food scam in UP. Actually my issue that being a employed, busy making my earning and bread-and-butter citizen of India, I don't quite really get the hang of what these scams are really all about. There is always some media-hysteria around them, a lot of sarcasm, cartoons, literalistic fun , but none explains to me the mechanism of these scams, the account to whom the money has traveled to through the scam,. who were the scam-sters, and why couldn't they be brought to the book , to the law. what was the role of each of the person charged in the scam log of investigation agency.? They all never get answered. the scene is quite like someone hitting one six in the middle of a play and then rejoicing as though he has won the entire match. For example, the Fodder scam. Every time i think of it, or hear of

Contemporary Friends

26th Oct 2010 At sea, from Japan to Chile, (Voyage’s 24th Day, in Pacific Ocean. Gaurav, my cheeky little insolent friend-cum- younger brother-like—cum- shipmate, tells me of how his real brother’s, who is a marine Chief Engineer, marital alliance had turned away after they learnt about Gaurav own reputation.(That’s what Gaurav feels was the reason behind their rejection). They never told his family directly the why of it, but before leaving they spoke of their knowledge of their own son being Gaurav’s classmate. Ha, that happens! --I said, as I thought of some such similar events in my own case. My own friend and his family had worked away one for me. It took long to come to terms with this, and indeed I could not and I do not intend to continue on that path anytime again. In Sholay, Jai goes to Maami to seek alliance for his friend Veeru and does the same. Maybe, Jai does this because Veeru was his very close friend and a ‘partner in crime’, and as much a bachelor as Jai himself was.