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Singular Partner's past affair

Singular partner’s past affair This sensitive issue has been broaching in my mind for quite sometime. Many of my pals use this as an excuse to get me also involved in their ‘playboy fun activities’, which just doesn’t convince me, ever, to get indulged. The issue of ‘fun’, notwithstanding all for my open views about them and with due respect to taboo-ic no-no to free love for all, a beloved's past affair is a psychological upheaval. I think there probably still exist a positive answer to handling the case of one the partners' past afair when the other is innocent. I often think that if sociology and social psychology ever were a subject for the IIT entrance test, the JEE, then this question of handling singular partner’s past affair would have aptly judged people’s mettle. Not all people can dare to think of this situation and worse enough, try solving it in a constructive way. Self-annihilation seems to be most tempting solution. Of late I have started feeling that there still