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The argumentative man and the doctor

The argumentative man and the doctor I was reading through one doctor’s advisory to people who are 'habituated to arguing'. His was quite a medical prescriptive for people who, he thinks, are suffering from some kind of psychiatric troubles which are manifested in the form of an argumentative conduct. The meaningfulness advisory is something which I would like to talk . The doctor begins by stating “ Arguing is almost like a disease”. The start of the article itself left me much repulsed to it. Long ago, I have written my article on what does the arguing conduct bring to human relations and their society as a whole. Arguing is the hot process of evolution of right decisions. ‘Right’ is , as we all know, a very subjective matter to decide, but then an unavoidable one for human relations to continue and democracy to prevail ( Democracy, over here, means respecting everyone's view point when living in a multicultral society. ). There are methods known by almost all of u

For once, this nation owes it to the Russians, owes it to the Gandhi's

For once, this nation owes it to the Russians, owes it to the Gandhi's . I am not sure , but even as I try to unsolve the issue of how the Jan Lokapal Bill can become a threat to national security , who may be having the maximum of black money stashed away abroad, and where did the Gandhi family get all their money from, I chanced upon certain bigger facts of our history, about the days of the Cold War , about the international relations which existed in those days between India and the USSR, between Pakistan and America, and ofcourse, the India-West&East Pakistan. It was only recently I stumbled upon another hard fact of diplomacy world--  Indians had not resisted the Russian invasion of Afghanistan in the UN, back in 1979. From today’s relations it appears really appaling as to why us, who had once been subjugated by the British and many other people, did not oppose suppression of some other country by another. It is mysterious in some ways until we explore the history a | Jan Lokpal Bill Criticised at Parliamentary Panel Meet Jan Lokpal Bill Criticised at Parliamentary Panel Meet OUTLOOK report is only mentioning what each of them desired to have, it did not mention their causes for the like an dislike. This is one incomplete reporting by the OUTLOOK. This report can be a good example of what bad reprt on important matters is like. It may be possible that the meeting before the Paliamentary Standing Committee was indoors and therefore not accessible to media persons, but what it effects is that most of the sentences go such as " He favoured..", "He contended that it will be dangerous for the country..(without mentioning the reasoning)", etc. No responses can be made from such report.

Our uncertainity avoidance cultural Attitude ..

Reference the post of Nice Guy Sir, u blogs are truely very enlightening, and not just for what u write but also for reading the responses u get which help me build an insight on how our Indian masses feel. I am the 31st responder to this blog. And before I make the response, may i tell that I am also a Safety Officer on merchant ships and I am often given a training to attend to this kind of accidents too. U know what, the training course, often designed by the foreigners says that " Indian culture has less uncertainity-avoidance disposition. " U should refer to the Geerte Hofstede study on cultural dimensions, which are easily available on internet, to learn more on this. All the thrity responses I read have expressed sorry on the accident, and all including yourself have expressed a complete incapacitation on human beings to avoid such events. Abroad, there are often times books and m

On genesis of corruption.

Reference gaurav's blog : 'Genesis of corruption of private sector '..this is ltlle far-away statement. I think that the core lies in th ideologies our leaders picked up way back in the past. Communist ideology is the genesis cause i think. Most places on earth, and even going by a quick glimps of the Transparency International's report on nation's ranking on Corruption, the communist nations will be on top of the list. This is perhaps because this ideology wanted people to surrender their rights to the government's planning. Social needs versus Individual need-- the war begins. Socially everybody is expected to appear against social evils, and accept and respect Governemnt plannigs and decrees, Individually everybody chases his own dream for which money is required. Therefore , one massive inner Society takes birth in which lot of people are welcome , thse who are willing t