BCCI –Back from the future:
23 April 2057( Fifty years hence)

Once there was an organization..Its name was Board for Control of Cricket in India. It was proverbially a ‘bird of gold’..the richest known Cricket Control Board in the world. Players of the stature Sachin Tendulkar played for it.
But then slowly it started decaying. Many people say that it was because some White men came and looted it away..some people of names like Greg Chappel, and John Wright. Some people said that it just couldn’t have been the cause, because dear Tendulkar was so-called ‘out of form’..he wouldn’t play good cricket.
But then the others said that it was by some clever tactics of Mr Chappel that dear Tendulkar couldn’t play then.
But….so, what stopped tendulkar and the rest from playing good cricket when, in the full view of the entire Indians, nothing was holding them back. Na. He often suffered from injuries and misjudgements. But then, the Indians still had full faith in him. And how can the Indians’ God lose out.
So what was the cause of decay of BCCI?
Probably the White men played some highly vicarious trick to make it happen without getting caught for it. They are always smart shrewd men,. They had looted this country also in the same way for some 200 years, in their past records.
Okay, so it must have been that Mr Chappel.After all, Tendulkar was the greatest Batsmen in the world. And so were others…Ganguly, Dravid and everybody.
They would lose out to the Autralians time and again, and very badly each time, because Mr Chapple was actually himself from Australia. So he must have been secretly working for his home country only.
But then why did the BCCI employ him.?
Oh that was because the BCCI was being generous by going global.
Otherwise, the Indians were winning??
No. Not that. But, because the foreigners were employing the Indians, so the Indians employed the Aussie to even out the humility.
But then as a cricket coach?! And were you winning the match before he came in.
Oh yes, India did win..went upto the semi-finals of the world cup once.
Under their native coach?
No, under Mr wright.?
What nationality was him?
Why an Australian again?
Just for the same reason,
So were the Indians winning before Mr Wright came over?
No, but then we know, our coaches, as Sandeep patil and all, were not so bad. We won the world cup once..and without any foreign coach.
Then why didn’t you win it again.?
Because it just couldn’t be your day everyday.
So, did no body win it again and again, ever?
I guess the Aussies did.
Oh, so the aussie coach was put, but not because they wanted to learn the Aussies secret of success through him.
No. who would dare teach the great Tendulkar himself!!
Oh. Tendulkar was Mr Know-all and impeccable, invincible.
No, he would get out, but once he gave them good lessons. Their biggest gun Shane Warne would get nightmares of his slugging from dear Tendulkar. So were others..Micheal Kasprovicz and all.
The Aussies were poor team before the Indians.?
No .
Get your facts right. Check out the records. Statistically the Indians were better off on person to person basis as tenudlkar was highest century maker in the world, Mr kumble was one of the highest wicket takers. But just that, we couldn’t do well as a team.
And that’s the only thing you were to learn from a foreign coach.?
You shut up…you don’t know nothing.


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