Do you say, "AAP is being too much idealistic".

Are you among those people who accuse the Aam Aadmi Party of being too much idealistic.
Do you find something too much wrong with the too-much-idealism , which unfortunately you are not able to describe in exact, coherent terms.

Here is one reply I want to send to you:

There is a purpose of Idealism, although it is something akin to the perfection and divine-ness which the humans cannot achieve. Idealism sets the benchmark around which we measure our imperfections. This theory will help define the purpose and contribution of AAP to the current Indian Politics. It is alleged that AAP is highly idealistic and therefore likely to be unstable , something which cannot exist in the real world. It is so true a thought, i would concede. But the issue is, even if this idealism is of highly transient and rather illusionary and imaginary nature, this idealism has the potential to change the political landscape, the signs of which are already emerging through various legislative and justice changes we are seeing. In the past, revolutions have scripted changes in course of history very successfully. They all fade away but their impacts have remained with us till this day. AAP is doing the same in the current scenario, in the current times. It is the change which would aspire to achieve, no matter we actually achieve or not. hence the tendencies will change. Till now, post our Independence, Gandhi was setting those standards, but could never redeem himself for the modern times. Anna and AK are doing that hopping of Gandhi into our times. This will set the standards for future.

Understanding the purpose of Idealism to human existence, it can be said that AAP as a movement is but the progress of those smaller movements of the past, such as those by Jantantrik Party, TN Sheshan, Assam Gan Parishad , all of which have apparently failed. But then , if AAP exist today, it is a testimony that they never died out in the war, even if the battles have been lost. And the growing success of AAP over those pre-cursors speaks about what the future trend would be like.
One must note that the political trends which last long in a society are set by only those who have the social justice and the voice of reason standing with them. The huge imperfection of human nature ascends to power through the Hypocrisy, by hiding itself behind those standards which are actually set by the Idealist.
The extreme idealism of the Aam Aadmi Party has risen to popularity only when the hypocrisy of the prevailing political culture has become too much blatant , shameless.

That should make clear what AAP would eventually achieve. The clearest of vision I have about the impact of AAP in the future is that the lesser mind-skills, the inferior mentalities which are today ruling the political landscape of india will vanish , to give way to the higher brains and advanced, more urbanised minds to come to play. That will be an indirect statement of how India will progress into the 21st century as more advanced , matured nation.


  1. AAP stands for Awake / Arise / People

    Twelve hours back , cyclone Phailin struck the coasts of Andhra and Odisha

    It is too early to predict the damage to property and human lives . It will take a few weeks to assess the full quantum of destruction

    And , thereafter , it will take months to rebuild

    What might help contain the damage is the early warning , coupled with timely preventive steps

    On 4th December , another cyclone will strike Delhi – but a political , man-made cyclone !

    It is called AAP ( Aam Aadmi Party )

    But , unlike Phailin , AAP will be a “ Constructive “ cyclone !

    Only thing it will destroy is “ Corruption “

    AAP was in the making for over 2 years now – except that it was continuously / contemptuously ignored by the ruling Congress

    Now , Congress is frantically running around for a “ Storm Shelter “

    Alas ! there is none !

    And after “ Re-constructing “ Delhi , in the next few months , AAP will sweep the entire country

    AAP stands for “ Awake , Arise , People “ !

    • hemen parekh ( 13 Oct 2013 )


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