A disintegrated society

Position of Science in Eastern Culture has continued to be how Science were perceived by the westerners in the early days of Industrial Revolution in England (16th Century). Science were seen as the killer of the religion and the religious values, as Science came to reveal certain phenomena of nature on the basis of reasoning which opposed the previously understood cause of them, mostly, “God’s Will”. Religious leaders suffered serious setbacks from this. And then came Charles Darwin, whose personal life, his relationship with his father, eventually lead him to rebel all out against everything, God and Religion, by proposing the ‘Theory of Evolution’. Evolution set the stage to say that life was not the gift of all bountiful, God, but a result of growth of single-cell creature into a complex life-form. Social and religious consequence of this teachings were that people stopped believing in God, and that brought the eventual downfall of Religion. People started to become free-thinkers, atheist, and so many other believers as it pleased to each of them. That strengthened the demand for introducing ‘Secularism’, a freedom from Religious Leaders which many people had been suffering from, mostly the oppressed ones.

But what also came alongside the fall of Religion bastion was the decline of Moral values, as the entire palace of morality and social living was until then founded on religion and the values derived from religious scriptures. The Theory of Evolution brought with it fall of value system in the west, and a total chaos and breakdown in the family and family ethos. There were the two world wars, and a rise in basal human words and actions in the public. Soon, it was realized that Religion gave not just a tight administrative control over the people, but also acted to give the schooling of basic values much needed for the peaceful co-existence of people as a Society. Overtime, as people started demanding Democracy, where a total liberation and freedom , including from the feudal lords and the religious lords, a transfer of all powers of the society into the hands of the citizen, the need for ‘Governments’ was felt in the field of public administration, and of spirituality as the primary need for well-ness of human brain. A healthy brain was essential for a good psychology and then for a good social co-existence of all people.

However, the need and purpose of Spirituality has only been realized conclusively only in the past few decades. In the mean time, it was the schooling in natural sciences which was going all the way in the modern education system. The term ‘Natural sciences’ refer to the compilation of human knowledge and understanding of the basic laws of nature, such as those of gravity, of magnetism, of physics, of life-form, of chemical compounds and chemical elements, etc.

Natural sciences became a reason for school curriculum because as man-‘the scholar’ began to use the knowledge obtained and recorded in these fields to alter the courses of nature to his own conveniences, a greater demand rose from Man-‘the consumer’ of it. Natural sciences were studied broadly under two categories: the pure sciences, such as Mathematics and Physics, and the Empirical Science, such as Biology and Chemistry. Empirical sciences were , as a matter of fact, a compilation of knowledge of behavior of life-forms and the chemical elements and compounds, as observed by various scientists.

The Problem of Education System is that, in the learning Pure Science (Mathematics and Physics), the student has to focus too hard to understand something which has no direct relation with what he sees in his environment, for example, the questions of Differentiation, Integration, Matrix, Complex Numbers, Magnetism, Electricity; and in Empirical Science, the co-relation of the Cause and the effect is missed out (“cause and effect’= Sun appearing to go around earth, while actually earth goes round the sun), the student repeatedly forgets that combination of atoms of Hydrogen and Oxygen combine to form water molecule or the hydrogen peroxide molecule not by reasons of what is given in their school text book, but because of natural causes the observations of which has been recorded in their textbooks. Thus, the students end up seeing chemistry and biology books as a compilation book of ‘exceptions to the rules’, the only solution to learning which is by way of mugging-up.

The problem of “Is shehar mein har shaqhs pareshaan sa hai”..

In both cases, learning of Pure Science and the Empirical Sciences, the introduction of man-child to rules of co-existence and good social existence was either skipped, or was assumed to be coming of its own. The learning in the field of imperfect sciences, like Economics, Psychology, and lastly in the field of Humanities: Arts, literature, history, politics, is left rudimentary as the monetary gains to ‘man-the consumer’ is far too less in studying them and thereafter making economic gains from it. The result is an overall decline in the intellect of human species by virtue of its own device when he created things like “money”, “nationalism”, “nation”, “examination and marks based learning”, “fashion" and popularism” out of his own intellect.

It was understood by the political philosophers of the freedom and democracy movement era of the west in 17th Century that as the political power, that is, a power to control people for a peaceful co-existence and social well-being of everyone, will transfer away to the people’s own hand under the demand for Democracy, the better method for resolution of disputes will have to be shifted from religion- based values to those values which would be imbibed from natural laws, that is, from the curriculum studied in the courses of Natural Sciences. The choice of natural laws was because the previous religion-based beliefs were difficult to find common acceptance in everyone, particularly, the atheist, the free-thinkers and their like. The robustly argued “right” was more convenient to be discovered from natural laws because of their universal applicability all over on the Earth and sometimes in Outer Space, than of religious beliefs, which kept shifting from one human society to another.

But, as the natural sciences focused more on bringing the understanding of complex and innumerous natural occurrences, it was failing to derive the moral values for the better medical health of human brain. As the episodes of neurotic killings, psychometric ill-health as an epidemic rose over the time, the scientist of neurology and psychology made a necessity-driven discovery of the need of spirituality, a constant pole-star for the human brain gyro-sphere to point to for its better functioning. Indeed, in the Theory of Multiple-Intelligence, ‘Spiritual Intelligence’ is being proposed as a new edition to the already seven recognized Intelligence categories. In my thinking, Spirituality is the key point whereby the Emotional Intelligence of a group of people, in commonality, points at, so that all people may be able to work in tandem. As is obvious enough again, the cogent Idea of Justice, which a social group needs to necessarily have for its own existence as a group or a Society, has to derived from the natural sciences and then schooled to man-child through the route of Spirituality, a job being previously being done by Religion derivates.

In practice, in the absence of active mechanism for bringing Spirituality to man-child, Religion has with reasonable success delivered the job. However, in the eastern sphere, as the idea of Secularism is not well understood, religion is severely subjected to fulfill the prevailing political needs. Religion has become a tool for gaining political power to control the people, in the east.

While the educationist are now beginning to wake up to the natural call for education in spirituality, under names such as Moral Education and Divine Edcuation, the consequential damage has already happened in the previous days of absence of Spiritual learning. The cogent idea of justice, the principle for deciding on what to trust and what to distrust, has taken a severe failure. Democratic Freedom, commonly understood as complete freedom to the extent of acting whimsical and arbitrary, almost forgetting the gregarious nature of man species, have shattered, both, the individual and the society that he belongs to. In fact damage has been both ways, where people unaware of the principles of peaceful co-existence, in laws enshrined as the Common Law, have created more cacophony and more of un-learned people. Many of these un-learned groups have however become successful ‘professionals’, who earn their livelihood through their intense learning in the pure and natural science.

The cacophony is so immense that problem has already been felt by lots of suffering groups, in facts all kinds of groups that one can think of, from School Students, to Teachers, parents, servicemen, politicians, media, right activist, poor, rich, gender groups, -- everyone. Yet, a diametric approach has remained elusive most times because of lack of interest in history and philosophy because of their un-wieldy -ness and reduced monetary benefits.


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