Feel like scribbling down something again. What are the flip sides of extreme professionalism. I think it often imposes goodness on people without having personal regard for one. Brief tenure are pre-requisite that is why. After all how long can a person play what he naturally is not.u can sit all together, walk in uniform, dine out formally, all the time.but life cannot be like that , in least for people of all age groups. That’s why disc, pubs bar, freak out points are a must for all so-called ‘professionals’. Once in a week they want to throw out, to dope, to coke, to shit, to scream, to sex…so on.

Clearly ‘professionalism’ then is not meant for those with strong ‘moralistic’ growing up. I wear the sacred red thread of Hindus, the Kaleva, on my wrist too…to remind of the moral values of religion and family. Then what kind of a professional am i?? Sometimes professionals are required to travel a lot. Surely that exposes them to various attractions of life, of food, taste, smell, beauty, and everything. My own present profession can be a best masterpiece. So how do I enjoy the riches of my professional life with this Kaleva on my wrist--- a vegetarian can't enjoy all sorts of food??? I am a cheat or I am an idiot. It just can’t be a third way. I guess so far I am part fity-fifty. All the IT professional go abroad, mostly to Europe and America, for on-site jobs. If they enjoy going out then they too must be the same. I know it for sure that all go to striptease, lap dance, rave parties, etc etc. both boys and girls alike. The kaleva then becomes a symbol of our hypocrisy also. For the medieval Hinduism has lots of do’s and don’t about these activities.

In my personal life, I have saved my free-thinking religion, the shamaism, by returning to the era of kamasutra and Vedas, the true sanatam way of life. U are here to live a life not to comply the socially created do's and don’t. Isn’t that what Swami Vivekanand wanted. The carnal restraints in me now remain only for the habit of them.

The summary, >> if thou desirest a true professionalism the truest pursuit of thy thoughts, then open up, enjoy life and people. Social taboos of medieval era don’t yield a professional.--the one who has sincerely set out to make a discovery


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