Bhajji's punishment
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here is something new to munch> 3 Test ban on Harbhajjan Singh
It is fully agreed that such a ban at international level to any indian, cricket player or whatever, will reflect too bad on each of us, standing up against any kind of discrimination.
So, any act which may give any indication of discrimination, including racism, should be severey dealt with even by own people against us also.
The match at that high point had tension soaring high after the wrong dismissal of indian players. The frustation in india camp must have been palpable.
Before this, renowned news mags like India Today, has scathingly reported of racial remark and gestures by Indian crowd on Aussie player, Andrew Symonds, who is of Aboriginal background. The photgraphs of indian people, with arms turned in to scratch own arm pits was shown, to imitate monkeys, to tease Symonds. This was also felt so by the entire Aussie team.
Laddish Sreesanth, has openly thumped on the pitch squating down, knowingly or unknowingly , indicating primitive people or apes, a gesture which may get misread as racial remark.In the match in question, Bhajji is often shown taking two rolls on the ground, something like the Chimp of Tarzan, perhaps again to be misread as teasing mannerism. However, there are good odds, no wrong word might have been spelt out during verbal duel with Symonds, which was witnessed by the umpires, Clarke, Hussey n others. The full report on basis of awarding punishment to Bhajji is still not known.
By my understanding of international community's procedures to control such things in any multi-national environment including ship's, or other maybe ITs and ITES, it is the responsibility of the 'speaker' that his manners n words are not misread in this way. This is coz proving a word to be so, or not so, is very very difficult. So the onus has been put on the speaker also. If, in the professional judgement of the judges, there are odds of such slurrs then action is taken.Proofs are not awaited.
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