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What happens when an organization adopts a public adopted policy of ' no trust of any one'. a person either stands in violation of the policy, if he trust his policy-makers this time; or, he stands in conflict with the policy-makers if he practises the policy widely. That person is trapped in all the ways. That's what happens when u have a publicly accepted policy of tolerating corruption in civil administration. --- my economist style of thoughts.
Now imagine the economist implication of 2G scam or the CWG Scam. The FDI must have been badly affected, if there were any for the Swan communications, Reliance telecom, and all those big names. The ethical competetion between the business has been revealed to be seriously affected by Raja's corruption act. That's why, may be, Tata's followed up the 2G with the PMO, leading to the public revelation of the scam.
In case of CWG scam, the private parties involved with the show preparation work have been denied payments in order to conduct the investigations and to ensure the future assets recovery.
There we are. Now in full knowledge of the fact that Corruption is our cultural attitude, but also something, which you cannot live with if u really have to progress on. Ethical business competetion will stand in conflict with the corruption tolerance practises. Or, the corrupt business competetion will bring the organization in conflict with the public itself. Businesses will either way be trapped in.
I have the following data compilation regarding the Anti-corruption movement in India:
1. Corruption is our cultural attitude, and thus going to stay for long.
2. Anti- corruption is a social and business need and therefore also going to stay for ever.
3. Presently, cultural attitude dominates over the socio-economic and business need.
4. What it summaries to it is that, we are wanting to live with the publicaly practised policy of ' no trust of anyone'.

The Anna Hazare's of future are going to hound the future governments. Possible Result could be - a perpetual fear of civil commotion, a big business detterent. Should the anna Hazare man win over the elections ever in future, the sinned businesses will be sunk away.
The philosophical conclusion of the Anna Hazare movement is that 'No man can afford to stand different in what he practises and what he preaches'. This kind of duality in his beliefs is going to hunt him down.
Therefore, if u cannot prepare the ullages-time bar chart and u believe that such bar chart is a mistaken concept, u better reject it outright because u run the risk of being asked to correct/ modify/ prove/ defend what u otherwise believe to be a mistaken concept.
-Sidenote end.
Many people have successfully installed in themselves our cultural attitude of diametercally ambiguious beliefs. They are even going places with such system. But mind it that nature works on other principles. U may have a short term success, but cultural attitude resounds when it is time for a change.


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