What is the confusion about Secularism

For the uninitiated Lawyers, not conversant in the social history of world, a potential source of confusion in regard to context of Secularism is that there is a usage of the word "secular" in the Art 25 (2)(a) of the Constitution, wherein the CoI empowers the state to make any regulating or restricting laws in regard to "secular activities related to the religious practises".

The second usage of the word "secular" happened after the 42nd Amendment when the preamble itself got appended with this word, and now it said that it is desired by the people of India , through the act of the Parliament, to make India a Secular Republic.

The people practising in law , but those many who are not conversant with the social history of world, will tend to think from the above that the Art25  usage indicates that there was a desire right from the beginning among the makers of the CoI , the founding fathers, to " make India a Secular
republic". To the uninitiated Lawyers, the Art 25 usage that empowered the state to make laws pertaining to the secular activities is the same as the desire, expressed through the Preamble, to make Indian society too, secular. 

There is one source of confusion.


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