Aftermath of 3-IDIOTS

3-Idiots has been criticised basically for being another theatrical work to do a system-bashing. It has drifted too far away from real-life menifestations of system defects.
Perhaps nobody ever listed what he felt was short in education system by his experiences.

Here is a list of shortcomings in education style and system which i would like to greive about:

1. Education has become a substitue for farming, in India. It means: people have given-up agriculture as the basic profession for living and taken to doing other services. Then they invest these revenues into education of their children , which are equivalent of a crop, and schools being their farmlands, and the cash-crops (the children) are harvested(give good monetary returns) after they attain maturity( land into another good job-- as softy engg, docs, IAS/IPS, and so on).

2. The farmlands (the schools) have opened up in plenty and produce only the most yielding produce( that is, only what is popular in the society-- the Soft Engg, the Medicos, the MN Officers, the air pilots,IAS/IPS/IFS ,and so on).

3. During the growth years of the cash-crops, they are very much a protected being-- like no mobiles, no internet, no digi gadgets, no cable tv, no social functions of parents kin, etc.

4. The child is often a cut-away, isolated person, given a separate room, given the best of boks and monetary resource only to the extent of 'understandbly good for his development'.

5. His school-earned education on many occasion is in contrast with his domestic environment. Therefore he is built to survive in dual education models, both models 180deg to each other. Like, he is well-educated but still believes in supremacy of caste, takes his decision on the basis of the old village-taught sayings. His own critical mind cannot be worked in his domestic front.
He believes in astrology, numerology, and much more without enquiring into basic theories on these.

6. Philosophical extracts of the lessons taught in school are never considered and preserved.

7. Life is made to look different in books and in reality. No efforts to bring real-life simple problems of maths , say even finding the area or volume, into practical work. People do not even write books(or blogs) narrating their personal experiences, and neither do the students like to read such book, to begin diagnosing problems of real life.

8. The village schools are distance away from what the urbans are taught and trained to think.

9. Business sense is never promoted. One subject is shown to be better than another. Like Science better than biology, better than commerce, better than arts.

10. Amalgamation of arts , science and commerce --as a real-life constituents of life is not started early in life. After years of study into sciences, many researchers still think of doing a job and dont feel the need to comercialise their research; the researches of sciences are least taken for artistic work by a scientist to answer the problems of real life.

11. Laws, society, ethics -- have to be self-trained, not derived from the subjects people study in school.


  1. I am surprised, such a beautiful and meticulous observation and still no comments

    Hats off for you sir!!!


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