for the support of crony capitalism

Enough of it. Brothers , only for this day , i change my stand to be on the side of corruption so as to reflect back what all good did it do to our country which can help understand why it came along , permeated so successfully in us, in our culture and taking so hard to go away.
I was thinking about the plight of so many people , the small time A Rajas, Kodas, Kalmadis of India. Truth , I assume, is that we all are some kind of small or big, these great musketeers. How bad, upset and disturbed would they be by acts of these Annas and Kejiwals. They might have sat down pondering as to what wrong did they do they such people could gain so much force. What compelled them to have MMS for the job of PM, that self-defeating man, they might be cursing him.
Was life not good and fair in the days of Anti-reservations and Mandal-Kamandal . How lovely was the era where every Mulayam , Mayawati and Laloo were taking birth in the politics world, and each of them not a dime different from what prevailed. Mulayams, Mayas and Laloos cursed the VP Singhs , and Rajivs and Narsimharao’s to get some force for themselves. They relied on the skill of up-manship, that of finding faults with the prevailing systems, while they themselves had no inkling of what should a good system work like. They talked of Lohias and Ambedkars as their mentors. The people were silly, the newspapers were black and white, the people all gung-ho to be IAS or IPS or some government servant. Who the hell brought them this freedom of becoming private sector employees. The MMS ? Why did they accept such a notion as globalisation? Was it not going fair enough for the people?
Well, then, for once the Narsimharao got thinking that corruption also cannot prevail without the support of the people. And for getting that support, it HAS TO BE a policy of every corrupt leader to controllably release something for the people to survive. It serves to purposes: it helps them stay live,and it also help to win support of those who are gifted this new lease of life. So extreme poverty also cannot breed corruption. There was no choice but to allow them to make some money for themselves.
But then how would the Narsimharao himself make money. Chance was great and infact more easy if he let people to make money. The new private sector will become the money magnet , which he or any future time Koda and Raja and Sukhram could use, to make a huge bounty for himself in just one strike of his pen. Wasn’t that a great thinking.??
But them how did the plan go wrong?/
It looks like that the economic upliftment works something like an airplane whereby it does run on the runway for a while , but owing to its shape, it soon takes of by itself as the speed goes higher.
As the economic upliftment of the poor Indians happened, it seems like the Kejriwals, and Sateyendra Dubeys and S Manjunaths were born out of nowhere. I think it was the air that was doing the trick. The Economics had begun to gather speed and the air which is always around did the rest of the trick.
May be Narsimharao did not know, which I also have only recently realised, that the Economics runs in two modes, ATLEAST as of now what I have learnt. That all Homo Sapiens as they came out from jungles initially formed colonies and lived together. They shared resources and depended on some common and select one for the security. The select one, the Raja sahib, bestowed laws upon rest of the homo sapiens. Community was formed. Communism had found its roots.
Then what happened that caused the Raja Saheb structure of governance to fail??
Perhaps the wars got to much with the people that there was no choice to make living except by throwing away arms and getting into business.
There is still nothing wrong in doing a business, though the Narsimharao? Business cause no harm to the Raja Sahebs.
The problem, me thinks , was that there was ignorance about the second mode of Economics, the aviation mode. As the people made money, they began to find some kind of exotic education which got them to fret for Individual Freedom. Some people in some hemisphere of Earth were already revelling under this Economic Freedom of flying in the air. The rest of them craved and yearned for it.
It came as a kind of natural instinct to the second hemisphere too, to take up flying and demand freedom. The raja sahib got disturbed now. There lies the problem. And hell that technology, that further hastened that process of demand for freedom from Raja Sahibs.
As the people took up education to work for the private sector companies which were otherwise the money magnets of raja sahibs, the education sneaked in some ‘corrupt’ education too, on political science and administration, on how chase your dreams.
Well, the Raja Sahib knew it was still easy to manage these new middle-classes. Just fracture away the two Indias and they could still stay afloat.!
Then, now what? Why did this second plan fail.
Oh i forgot about that dam thing technology which the magnetic private sector was using as its prime mover to help churn money for the Raja sahib. As every medicine has a side effect, this dam technology had its side effect too. It brought about instant connectivity to the people. Overtime, it became so insidious that by 2010~11 AD, that, that damn thing became a self-eating monster. The facebook opened problems to the middle east. That google opened troubles to china. And the Indian Raja Sahib fell victim of the same technology ministry which he was heading once.
More people fell prey to this new epidemic. Transparency was their way. In terms of their clothing, the bedroom events and they demanded the same in the governance! Some one should teach them that not everything can be kept open. So much that human psychology is not designed to work like that. Even if we know what’s there underneath each of ours cloth, we are still not designed to stroll unclothed on the streets.
Those naked men had begun to demand transparency in the governance too as though they did not know from before what they would find there. How well will the society accept this new found nudity in the governance.
The story of adam and eve circled in my head for a moment. People was supposedly naked when they first appeared on earth. We have come a circle to return to the birthday suit days. Albeit for the reasons of ecomonic upliftment this time, unlike the natural causes before. But clothing is just not a psychological demand. It is also a climatological protection. What if the clothing again come around for the second reason.
Of course the economic uplift brought us that transparency but one never know when the security need might again push us back into the opacity days.!?
The Raja Sahib was badly hurt by transparency demand, but he still has hopes. I think he is very must being positive because I know his reasoning is not incorrect.
The economic has two modes. But this is also a new found knowledge which is true only till this day. Some recent burps of 60’s and 2008 have shown that once flying, the economies dive down too.
The raja’s found birth in the era of common security needs, of the days of communism, but then the free flying Democracy days also have their ceilings. Security needs can any day bring down the wings of economics, and Opacity may become a norm once again.
Lets not be so merciless to the Rajas. He did not serve us well, but that’s the common point where we all will have to muster our strengths should the economies take a second dive.
Or else, we keep find newer ways to keep ourselves free of Rajas now and for ever. Have courage and brain before we call our shots.
The Epilogue.....
My personal quest showed me that most businesses came from crony capitalism only. In one form or the other. To choke the rajas was like choking the gardener who planted the sapling of free market capitalism. Of course the garner didn’t do it with a good motive, but I am yet not sure if it would be only too good to kill away the gardener altogether. The Sukhrams and the Rajas.
The circle of life was always, and still remains, so mysterious.


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