About the psychological, cutural and the technological impacts of the music songs

About the psychological, cutural and the technological impacts of the music songs.

Jagjit Singh's gazal CDs were the ones which would run the franchise shops called as the Planet M, the Music World , all of which are now extinct.

Today, I will say that this singer's work single handed ran the buisness of these shops. Because every trip to these shops meant that the customer would not return back without buying out atleast one piece of an item, — in the least he would do a purchase of one CD having a collection of Jagjit Singh's gazals.

As for us, as sailors, in Indian ports we used to buy CDs of his songs; and from China, we used to buy English Songs. Sometimes me and my friends would laugh out at how many CDs we had collected of the same set of songs, in which , just the order of the songs was little different from an other collection in a CD that we already owned.

The era from mid '90s upto 2010's was that of the music albums. I remember the name of one of the earliest of the music albums which had come out- when we were in school; it was - "Jayenge hum toh Bollywood". And also—that— Alisha Chinoy's, - "Made in India"

(About the psychological impacts—)

How uplifted and romantic one would feel after listening to just one part , one stanza from those songs, ...do we remember those feelings?

As though, the song was enough to launch our mind to another realty , a distorted one, were one could imagine himself being with his love theme , living a life already united with her. And yes, free from all the pains and miseries of the real life, that was truly surrounding him all the tine, here, on the earth.

Person would start living in an alternate reality. Human brain can be enchanted, by a certain means, to go into a different reality just by changing the feelings inside of his heart. And these feelings can be manipulated by mere pieces of objects of gratification, and other sensory gratification things such as the songs and movies that the heart listens and watches.

Steve Jobs, the famed founder of the Apple Inc., would have his critics call out how his company's product were capable of giving a feel of being like a magic wand or something just by their gesture—controled digital automation and their sleek sizes, which would be enough  to transport the buyers of the Apple products into this another world, that his mind would begin to accept of the haullicination of mind as the true reality that was surrounding him. It was so real to his mind that it would appear untrue if one would call it as imaginary, or a haullicination of one's mind. It had to be termed as the alternate reality. The critics would assign a name to this psychological effect, which the products of the Apple Inc would have on their buyers. This name was derived from the-then famous TV show, Star Wars, as the RDF, or the Reality Distortion Field.

Here in our country, Jagjit Singh's Gazals would bear one such effect on the mind of its listeners. And perhaps that's what made his CDs sell like hot cakes.

(About the technological impacts —)

One TV show, that I have seen on one science based TV channel, talked about how the music industry made its contribution from such a strange angle, and yet its count should be seen as the most significant leading cause in the development of Computer technology. The TV show went ahead and informed that , perhaps, Elvis Presley one of the first of the English singer who would attain the status described today as "top of the chart" , "record selling album", was the biggest reasons in the development of semi-conductor technology, which led to manifold increase in the power and the storage capacity of the Computers. The TV show elaborated that the delevopment in the semi-conductor happened because there was a market demand for a certain kind of invention to come around. 

And where was that market demand being driven from?
 - in the storage capacity for the music songs on the CDs - in a digital- erasable and re recordable format. This market demand was being propelled by the liking of the masses for the songs, sung by a long, an ever-growing list of the singers, the earliest of whom was Elvis Presley, whose album is the first ever to sell out over a million of copies. 

Today, in hindsight we may say that the impact of Elvis Presley songs were just not restricted to the culture, but also in the realm of technology.


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