Self-Realisation important before making others' evaluation report

The self-realisation on what is the fact we know and what is the belief we hold is very important in making a good decision, particularly when we are on the job of making an evaluation report of another person. Self-realisation is a psychological occurance which happens when a person is able to see himself from outside his own body. he can now differ his beliefs from his facts.
self-realisation is comparable to the observation standards of a navigator against those people who cannot read maps; most people see the world, the roads, the buildings and stars from inside their eyes as something pasted upward in the sky, but a navigator sees the map of the land, the position of land with respect to sea, and planet earth as a small dot in the vast universe even without ever going at higher altitude or in the outer space. Fact and Belief can exist together on the same phenomeon. Like, the Fact of 'corruption exist' , is different from the belief of 'corruption exist'. The fact-holder continues to remain objective and does not forget what is right and what is wrong.
(please note, an objective person is a person who attempts to remain unbaised and un-attached to any of the warring parties; Objective person does not mean someone who keeps *objecting* to everything.An objectivist is someone who searches for what is right in the given condition and confirms to that right, even if that means standing up against his own clan).
A believer of corruption begins to follow the practises which arise as a result of prevailing corruption.
In religion, self-realisation is what is described as the enlightment of Buddha, or the brahm- gyan of a Brahmin.


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