Commodification is a conduct of Plebeianism

Commodification is a conduct of Plebeianism.
The intellectual puritans developed the concept of money as a store of value to help the trade which was cumbersome when it was by a barter system. The Plebeians commodified the money and acquired it in large amount, leaving all the values behind, even the basic human values.
The examination and marks were invented by the puritans to objectively select the wise and learned persons from the society. The Plebeians commodified the marks as the eligibility for wisdom and learning, no matter the candidate has it or not.  Marks slowly became the filters to disqualify the candidate, instead of selecting the learned wise candidates.
The puritans developed the concept of nation and nation-state for peaceful co-existence of people of similar ideology. the Plebeians commodified the concept of nations to create wars between them.
That is Plebeianism. When the rural mindset, an evolutionary primitive way of thinking, reaches the higher tables of thinking under the shield of freedom of citizens, equality before law, correcting the cultural bias, and development of land.

Wit and Humor was suppose to be the fair indicator of intellect and intelligence. Intelligence implies a quick evaluation, memory recall, and timely deliverance of a matter. Intellect implies a search for moral value and methods to improve systems to attain those values.
Wit and Humor are commodified today. We have the Laughter Champions Trophy these days. People are paid to bring laughter and people pay be bring in a laughter. Wit and humor is a plebeian's work. It is hard to differ whether the subject of laughter is itself funny or it is being made a fun of.
 The lessons from laughter are hardest to derive. The anthropologist say that laughter is a special gift to mankind. The probable cause why humans have a sense of laughter is because humans are also one of the few species to have a sense of death. Humans have a unique ability to be able to do imagination. Anthropologist conduct their study on the presence of imagination skills in a specie by putting it in front of a mirror. Only a few animals are able to identify there image in a mirror. They turn their back to check what's there when they see something in a mirror. the lessons are clear, that the animal has the gift of identifying the behaviour of light rays, that the image is a reflected ray of an incidental ray, which is coming from what is in front of the mirror.
Those animals, such as monkeys, dolphins, and humans, who can identify themselves are further reasoned to have ability to be able to imagine their own look. Eyes are not designed in any animal to see his own face. It is only via imagination that these creatures are able to make out about their own looks.  And only after they acquire this imagination skill , these animals are able to identify their own image in a mirror.
A powerful combination of imagination, memory and pattern-matching ability produces emotions in these animals.Intelligence also sprouts from the same abilities hidden inside the mind.
Humans reached to this stage of evolution because of their special ability of reasoning and intelligent deductions.  Wit and Humor, a derivation of the human's unique ability to smile, sprouts from the same fountain from where the intelligence emerges-- the emotional-ability of human. Wit and Humor is therefore suppose to be an indicator for man's intelligence too. But the 'Laughter's Champion's trophy' has commodified the wit and humor, where it is seriously blurred business of whether the observation is funnily intellectual or something which is making a fun of somebody or something.
Humans formed a very complicated system of social organisation to achieve the common goal of safety and security. the rules of this co-existence are based on principle of reciprocity. That what you get, you give to other. The intelligence of humans set the stage for the emergence of Intellectualism in them. Intelligence is about being quick to evaluate, to quickly recall from memory, and to analyse and deduce quickest possible. Intellectualism is about finding the values and the justice. That is Justice. the laws of justice are found thorough pursuit of certain values which everybody may find acceptance of, and which best settles the question of reciprocity, as an equal distribution to everyone.
Intellectualism is commodified, too, in the modern times. Intelligence denotes a possible presence of intellectualism, truely speaking. But since wit and humor are the indicators for Intelligence, the humorist have also started becoming the modern society's intellectuals !
Today's world has made a commodity of all those values which brought the civilization to this stage. Debates happen between people without, first, presenting their view point. the Seminars are about having a coffee or a beer and meeting the people. There are no seminary exchanges done. The philosophical pursuit has become a 'bol-bachan', a 'pravachan', which implies eating away someone's head through some weird obnoxious talks.

(Interesting note from the wikipedia: plebeians were forbidden to know any laws, but were still punished for breaking them. Despite these inequalities, plebeians still belonged to gentes, served in the army, but very rarely became military leaders. )


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