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News script: Aishwarya and Angeline Jolie have common ancestors coz they both are blue-eyed.
a few days back i was seeing one serial on the Discovery channel, which was telling about the human race, its spread from its origin place in west africa to other parts of the world. This story of migration also involves the evolution of different races of human beings, the route that the migrant early humans had taken, etc etc. DNA samples of volunteers have been taken from all over the world belonging to different races to track down the route and period of migration. Results thus obtained may add new contents to the highly disputed the Aryan Migration Theory, and also bear deep deep impact on many of the prevailing political scenarios. For example the conquest of islam, how did the religions rise and who were they earlier; much very significant light on the aryans and everything connected with them, etc. Such results will have a far deeper impact on the history-genetical understanding of various diseases and disorders. For e.g If cancer is also genetical then how did the first cancer gene develop in humans? A common blue-eyed ancestor may throw immense light on many such related querries. For once, such a news script can be treated as something truely relevant to history, and having concrete scientific value; considering we have given so much input in wasteful stuffs like 'Gandhi's achievement' and 'Brahmins saviour or culprit', 'Ghatothkatch Pics!', 'History of marathas' ,'who were Jats', 'contribution of maharana pratap', 'tajmahal or tejomahalya'!!!etc ( the latter issues have more of social significance and less of scientific value. Most commonly they are intended to serve some egotistical purpose than to add to our scientific knowledge.)
comparative studies, i believe, is a new method taken up in understanding and decoding various genes responsible for various items in human body. The same method is also being harnessed to understand the functioing of human brain through data obtained by MRI scan and other techniques. How and which gene is responsible for blue-eyes cannot be decoded in isolation by taking one person's dna. when put against another dna which is known to have somethings common, some inferences can be made. more such comparisons help in pinpointing the exact genes responsible. Similar method is applied to understand the functioning of brain. for e.g comparisons of brain scans of two geniuses having apt skill in mathematics help identifying brain parts utilised in mathematical work. Further, the knowledge thus obatined will have very significant role in the field of bio-technology for treatment and erradication of diseases.
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